"SLURP! So yeah, I wanted to see Live Wire at the Heat House yesterday right? So, like, I went to Hal's house but he didn't wanna drive so we just had a kick back. Yeah, that's when I realized how controlling he was and how much I hated him. So yeah, it's over."

"It's scary working at the zoo. Sandra was in the tigers' cage yesterday because some asshole dropped their camera and I swear, they were quick. I mean no joke, those things just ran to her the minute she bent over to grab that camera, you know, like they were waiting for her. It was over!"

"I said I would quit but it's hard. Nancy won't look at me anymore. I told her everyone does it but she doesn't buy into that bit. She's real straight you know, real straight. Hey, I did it when we met, how is it any different? I don't know why she's giving me such a hard time. We've been fine. Now there's fighting and I don't know… Maybe it's time for it to be over."

"Nuh-uh playboy! Don't bring that shit in my face and say its rocks when it most definitely isn't. Bitch! Look at me when I'm talking to you! You think this is a game? You think this is a game? Well, game over."

"I didn't mean to be late. I was thinking about dad all day though. I woke up and washed my clothes and the washer broke and I had to mop up the basement. I couldn't find my suit so I borrowed one from my neighbor. I locked my keys in the car and I called Triple A. I got lost and had to stop and ask for directions. I got in an accident and I was upside down and I bruised my ribs and then the police came and then the other car exploded and then the paramedics came and then I talked with everyone and then I passed out and then they sent me to the hospital. I'm sorry mom, by the time I woke up dad's funeral was already over."

"I'm in my fuckn' seat right, the car door locked and shit. And there it was, like fuckn' in my face! That stupid light shit you know. That fuckn' light with Jesus and Moses and the naked angel bitches. Yeah, fuckn' right in front of my face, fuck… So, I pull out the needle from my arm and I'm like "yeah, it's fuckn' time" and I pick up the beer in my coaster and spill the shit all over the front seat and I take out my lighter from my back pocket and hold it in my hands. So I'm like saying my fukn' Hail Mary like I'm fuckn' 2pac right, And then all of a sudden FUCK man, this fucker rams the back of my seat and the lighter jumps out of my hand and the fuckn' seat went up. It fuckn' caught my hand, I was like "FUCK THIS SHIT MAN!" and I like, fuckn' skedaddled. That driver, the bitch who hit me from behind, he fuckn' saved my life though, the fucker. Man, crazy shit, I don't know what I was thinking. But, yeah man, I'm just glad it's over."

"You know, I've been in this hospital for a long time. Everyone's so noisy, I can't hear what's on TV. I don't mind watching the movies without sound though, they remind me of being outside. But they get old really fast, I can't stand re-runs… OH! And I hate it when they do remakes. Like the original wasn't good enough. They go and use the same shit on me twice, assholes. Geena's nice though, she brought over her VCR and in between my IV changes she brings a new movie. Real nice girl, young. Too bad she's a nurse, could've made some man really happy… I'm depressed now. Son, I'm going to bed. Don't leave though, not yet, just wake me up before visiting time's over."