The hopeful look in your eyes.
The flashing smiles you give.
Much needed words, roll off your lips,
that ease the nerves inside.
And as you calmly walk away,
with the decieving thoughts spinning.
You grin to yourself, you've done it again
and those fools believed every word.
But soon, they shall pity your poor soul.
Because I see through the fakeness
and through the lies you spit out.
Only to fight fire with fierce fire
and return the heart you stole from me.

AN: I guess, I feel like this needs some explaining. It's simple.. liars. Don't tell me something your not, don't feed me lies just to get me to leave you alone..truth of the matter is, I can tell when your lying to me, your lies become naked, I can see them. I despise people who think they can fool people. End of story...don't lie to me, I play better at that game then you think you can. :D plz r&r Thanks all! ;)