A.N. Second submission, yay! Okay so this is a little story I wrote on the side of my big project, which is a long story I'll submit when I'm done. I needed a different way to get out a certain part of the mumbo jumbo and this was the result.

Before I go on, let me just say this, I am a girl. I don't exactly know every bit of how the male brain thinks and reacts, but I have lots of guy friends. So I have a good sense of it all. Thanks for taking the time to read this, enjoy!

Third Floor, 303

This is home.

The clock read 6:50.

Nothing special to watch, T.V. wont turn on.

Computer? Nah, too slow.

Bath? That would feel nice!

Sorting through the pile of towels.

That one is too dirty.

That one is not even dry yet.

I don't know what's on that one.

Looks like I'm air drying this time

The warm water on my body. Clearly amazing.

Just a few drops of shampoo left in the bottle.

Good enough.

After the wash, sweet & cold air made its way toward me.

I love it.

Standing naked now in the middle of this mess.

Pizza boxes stacked next the couch.

The couch itself was a mess.

Some magazine is lying on the left cushion.

Oh joy, an old porn magazine.

Not in the mood.

Maybe after some food!

The dimly lit kitchen is empty.

Only place that's clean.

No food.

Fridge is empty, just like my stomach.

Forget food, where is the bed?

Old books and dirty clothes line cover the gray carpet on the way to the bedroom.

The door flies open.

The bed looks like a cloud compared to this dump.

Just a lonely little mattress next to the window.

So I lay my body down and look up

The water stained ceiling above.

The rest of the room empty too.

I look out the window at the full city.

Everything just calming down for the night.

The hard working people returning to their homes.

Maybe nice, maybe a rat hole like mine.

I look at the darkening orange and blue mixed sky.

Slowly turning into the night.

Its only Monday.

The clock read 7:55.

There was nothing special I could do.

20 years old.



The usual.

I closed my eyes slowly.

I let myself fall asleep in what I call my home.