With Sisterly Affection

Everyone always tells me that I'm just

Like you. Then again,

Maybe that's why you annoy the shit out of me.

Or maybe not.

Maybe it's your loud, obnoxious voice, the way you

Coax unwilling laughter from my depths

When I only want
To rant and rage

And so be taken seriously

Maybe it's the fact that you're twenty-two and free, and I'm

Fifteen and stuck

What if I'm not

Just like you? What if I hate you

Because in reality

I almost wish I was?

Or maybe it's because I see my flaws

Mirrored in you

And can't stand them

Any more than in myself?

And yet paradoxically

Maybe in my heart of hearts

Might I not be


A generic little sister

Who wants to be

Like you?