I am an unknown priest, I am a star in the void,
Shooting flame and vengeance upon your planet

The cleansing fires burn
The dogs of two heads wail

A renaissance is upon the waking world

The rot creeps from
Eldritch holes and nameless crypts,
Gaping maws gibbering in tongues
Of death and magic

The night screams with a thrumming
A rain of black

Cry out but there is no aid;
Run but we will come,
Fly for your mind

Don't look back
For your sanity

The earth shall hiss in rage
At our defiance;
Work a spell of mist
To hide the scathing frost

The cybernetic steersman, the unmanned brain
Descends now to cast
A doleful eye upon you,
Dare not to meet its gaze

Pray slurred words on your last gasp
And curse the gods of old