was a kerosene silhouette

carved in(to) charred cigarette sticks

( .and) combat boots

with kicks

the match she lit (kissed)

sends (un)holy redemption oozing

down her barbed wire entwined




was(not) so lonely, honey

but innocence only comes once


in the pink(black)soft(savage) fairytale

she wears(out) in her shredded lip

once upon a time is…

glass dolls in s cases

she only ( ) used to




was the ( ) familiar way he

smeared her lipsti(n)ck and

called her (a)beautiful(lullaby)


(so)he said 'I killed a man today'

Oh, por favor, was it(not) for her?

It was the ( ) familiar way the

Tears blistered her cheeks that

Saved(shattered)caressed(tattered) his

Second guess.



was .d binkies with

itty(so) .redpurplegreen

.and. she feels (so)good(again)

Dancing(dying) in the (in)visible scene

she never love(s)d being non(exist)ent


As as she does


. .wants.

you to shut your (fucking)




was (lost) rain

only shoved in(to) purple pills again…

For once she feels no pain


you only want the gun

against her skull to remind her

Of your (wax)reality



what it must feel like

to be





Inspired by Mos's poem 16 Summers Gone