Sweetness turned to bitterness
The day I looked
And truly saw you
Your hands to my bosom
Twin daggers in stealth
Your lips to my cheek
A feral viper's fangs
Your eyes into mine
Such sleepless shadows
And your heart beating
A savage's drum cadence
Demanding me to dance for you

Dreams turned to nightmares
The last time I listened
And truly heard you
All of your good intentions
Were the sweat on hell's brow
All of your fine flattering
Fester as a sliver 'neath my skin
All of the time we shared
Golden coins stained with blood
And all of your tears
Wait within a cactus needle
While mine birth a new ocean

Light turned to darkness
The instance I searched
And found you
My white gown of innocence
Sullied and stained with one touch
My golden crown of youth
Raped and plundered by one word
My silver cloud of ideals
Smothered and squelched by one glance
This crimson shroud of degradation
Draped over my writhing body

By only one man

Falling turned to flying
The moment I realized
The reality of you
Only one touch
Only one word
Only one glance
You are only one man

Death turned to life
The second I decided
And stepped away from you