The Young Men's Guide

To Young Women

By: Lieutenant


This guide will help you with getting close to good young women. I will help you watch for good and bad signs, and I will also keep you from getting into too much trouble.

The first thing you must understand about young women is that they apply to Chaos Theory. Young women are not all the same. With this in mind, you might ask yourself, "How will I be able to figure them out?"

Simple you have to become close to one, the closer you are the more you will find out about them. When I say close I'm not implying that you should sleep with her, trust me it starts problems. Anyway the sleeping part will only happen after you get married. A young women's mind is like an ocean, a big ocean. You may find it hard to understand some of the things young woman will say and there random emotions.

They think that they are smarter than us, and sometimes this is true, but not always. They also think, that if there were no men in the world, that it would be a better place. But we all know that if that ever happened, the world would go to chaos.

After all, who invented the TV? A man. Who invented the car? A man. Who invented a remote? The man. Who invented the wheel? A man. WHO INVENTED THE COMPUTER?! A man… And, who is the richest person in the world? Bill Gates, who is a man.

So, with all of this in mind, we can't say that a man is better than a woman. We are equal, but, we can be smarter, in some fields. With this information you have just learned you must progress, onward to chapter one.