Chapter One

What Young Women Like

As you can see, young women and young men like different things. This is because of things known as genes. Well, enough about genetics, let's get down to details.

Simple, to attract a good-looking young women, you might want to smell good. Meaning, use DEODORANT, or colonel, and or body spray, ECT. Also, a good-looking young woman likes white teeth. Then, there's the looks. If you look butt-ugly, then you're screwed. But, there is still hope for you ugly ones; we'll get to that later, but back to good-looking people.

You need to make sure that your face is always clear of all terrible PIMPLES! These things are like anti-girl signs, for some. If you have one, pop it ASAP, but not in public!

Another thing, is, your hair. Even though young men do not care what their hair looks like at all, a good-looking young woman does. So, sadly, you have to have your hair in a good condition, you can do this by using shampoo in the shower, and conditioner to make it soft. If your hair is soft, and a young woman touches it, then she will want to keep touching it. That is a good sign (if she is a good-looking young woman that you like). And, you must get rid of that entire terrible thing called dandruff. For some it is hard, but it must be done. You don't want it snowing every time you touch you hair.

Now, onto your cloths. If you have money, I would lean towards Hollister, or American Eagle, or any other popular clothing that is expensive.

If you go through these steps; then your hair will be nice and clean (also soft), your face will also be clean, and you will smell nice. Every person has their own personal color that they look good in. But, you must find your color, take you look good in.

Skintight pants do not look good on young men. But, occasionally they look good when worn by certain young women. Sadly, it is true. Don't play with makeup, and never go through a young women's purse, even if she asks you to.

Appearance is important. If you are good looking, then a young woman will introduce herself to you. This will be a plus on any battlefield. So remember to be in tiptop condition. EVERYDAY! Even when you go to the grocery store, cause you never know who you will might see. Now, while your appearance is a very important thing, you also need to work on your personality. If you are good looking, but act like a retard, then you are in trouble.

Your personality is one of the best ways to attract a young woman. I can't really tell you how you should act around certain women, because they all like different things. Some like bad behavior, others like church people. But the most important thing is to NEVER hit a woman no matter how angry you are, women don't like men that hit. They would like a responsible, trustworthy, respectful, romantic, loving boyfriend or husband. Most women like romantic times, for example watching the stars, watching the sun set, go to a expensive restaurant, and I'm not saying take her out to Mc Donald's, there's more but I think you get the point. Oh and when you take a woman out never let her pay for any thing, it will put a big hole in your pocket but she should be worth every penny. Also by thing for her here and there "don't be cheap." Go shopping with her and buy her clothes, or shoes. Women love clothes, shoes, purses and Jewelry. When a women asks "Am I Fat?" NEVER EVER say yes ALWAYS say no, even if you think she is. Something you should do is make her feel beautiful, you can do this by saying you look good, and other compliments. Now for music most teen women love music; you can tell what kind of person they are just by listening to her music selection. Young women also tend to have certain songs for certain emotions. Learn some of the songs she listens to, so you and her can sing along while your driving or riding in a car, it might seem stupid to some but you can have fun.