A loud ring disrupted the deep silence of the classroom. Students stopped and put down their pencils to listen to the noise. The teacher turned around and pointed a sharp eye at the class. Everyone else turned around and looked at a young girl. She had short purple hair and radiant gray eyes. She wore a traditional Japanese school girl outfit. Her face was lit up from the embarrassment of the ringing sound. She knew exactly where it was coming from. She reached her hand in to her backpack and turned off her device. The young teenager then turned forward, her face already the color of ripe cherries.

"God Mika! Can't you put your phone on vibrate!" shouted one girl.

"Mika, I hope you don't have anything important to do because I would like for you to stay after class. Now let's finish the lesson." said the teacher facing forward once more. The rest of the class continued writing their notes. Mika let out a low sigh. It was the first time anything like that has happened while she was in class. ' Oh, not now! Im in school! At least it didn't get any louder...' thought Mika to herself. She picked up her pencil and continued to write. Suddenly the bell rang. All the students started to grab their stuff and pack up their backpacks. The door to the classroom swung open with students leaving the room. Mika walked up slowly to the front and waited for her teacher's instructions. The teacher gave her a piercing look, and then handed her a broom to clean up.

Hours later, Mika walked out of the classroom but was surprised to have the door suddenly stop. Mika peeked around the door to see one of her friends standing there. It was her friend Lily. Lily had long black hair and deep blue eyes. Her large smile seemed to brighten up anyone. She wore a giant green sweater over her school uniform.

"Hey Mika! What took you so long!" said Lily, leaning up against a locker.

"Ms. Tajio had me cleaning the floors and washing the board. That classroom is always a mess. At least I'm done now!" said Mika.

The two started walking towards the front door of the school. Suddenly the door to the boy's bathroom swung wide open. Mika turned her head and looked but no one was there. The hallways were cleared except for the two of them. Mika shook the idea from her mind and continued to walk with Lily. The girls chatted up until a loud ring erupted from Mika's backpack. Mika stopped dead in her tracks.

"Mika, what is that noise? Is that your phone again? It sure doesn't have a regular ring..." said Lily. She turned around and faced Mika. Mika's face begun to shine bright red again.

"Uhh..Lily? How about you go ahead and start walking and I'll catch up?" asked Mika.

"Mika! Are you kidding me? What's going on now?" asked Lily with her hands crossed.

"I gotta...gotta go to the bathroom. Don't worry. I'll catch up." pleaded MIka.

"...Well ok. But you owe me!" shouted Lily, running out of the door. Mika dropped a heavy sigh as she dug into her bag. She pulled out a circular device that looked like a communicator. The device was still ringing very loudly. Mika looked down at the screen. 'How in the world did one enter the school?...' thought Mika looking around. Suddenly the lights flickered on and off. Dark shadows flowed through the hallway, making it seem dark and erie. From the other end, a deep-voiced growling was emitted. Two blazing eyes glared as a wolf like creature entered. It's huge teeth dribbled with saliva as it opened it's mouth. The monster's tail whipped around recklessly, slamming into lockers and making craters into the wall. Mika grabbed what looked like a small scepter with a thick blade on top from her bag. She said something under her breath and the scepter grew to a long weapon with a pink ribbon tied around the blade.

"Stop right there! Who sent you!" shouted Mika getting prepared to fight.

"Grrggg..." snarled the creature. It's eyes never moved off Mika.

"Who cares! Im going to finish you off anyway!" said Mika as she drew her scepter. She jumped in the air, dragging her weapon across the ceiling panels. She then, with a loud yell, slammed her weapon into the creature.

Dark creatures roam this world and others. Most people don't even see or hear about these creatures. They live in another realm called the Garmi Realm. This realm has been locked up for the past thousand years, withheld by Regenbaum, the rain tree. Regenbaum sits in the middle of the realm, continually flowing water that keeps the creatures from escaping. Recently the dark monsters have escaped and started terrorizing everywhere. A team has been assembled over the years to enforce the borders between this world and the realm. Secretly they fight to protect earth and other places from take over by all dark creatures. They are Shudico Defenders.