"Mika, what in the world are you talking about?" replied Lily, looking at her friend with confusion.

"You really are a weirdo, aren't you?" said Gen.

The three girls were sitting in a empty room at their school. Mika had a scared and inconfident look on her face. She had just reveiled everything that before, she could never have. The Garmi realm, Regenbaum, her job, she told everything. The two girls that stood in front of her gave her looks as if she was crazy. 'Well at least I got it off my chest. I just need them to believe me now.' thought Mika to herself. It was a long quiet silence before anyone open their mouth. Gen suddenly got tired and decided to ask questions.

"So you brought me in here so I could listen to this crock of shit?" questioned Gen.

"It's not shit! I'm telling the truth! The monsters are everywhere! I was attacked by one yesterday, in the school!" shouted Mika. The thick fog of disbelief was becoming hard for Mika to handle. Even her best friend didn't believe her.

"So everythime you run off, you're fighting monsters? Why didn't you tell me? Plus you said that you fought a monster in the hall yesterday, right? How come I didn't see it?" asked Lily. Mika could tell she was starting to lose a friend.

"I know this sounds weird but you cant see it yet. Only me and other SD's can see them..." started Mika. She stopped after hearing what she just said. It did sound stupid. She then decided to take a different approach to her strategy.

"I know how crazy I sound, but it's the truth. I thought the same when Binky and Eron came to me one day. They were talking about monsters and so many other things that didn't make any sense. But I took a chance and believed them. Now I need you to take a chance on me."

"I guess I can take a chance." said Lily with a forced smile.

"I guess I'll go to make sure nothing happens to you. If this is a trick, I will make sure you'll never regret." replied Gen. Mika took in a deep breath. 'At least they agreed to give it a try.' thought Mika.

"Ok. I need you guys to meet me at the front of the school after class. I will be waiting there. I hope you guys will be there." said Mika as she stood up and walked to the door. the other girls as stood up. The three walked out the room, closing the door behind them.

"Please just give me a chance. See ya." said Mika as she started to walk away but bumped into a boy in the hall. The boy fell backwards on his back. Papers and books flew over the floor. The boy's short hair flopped in front of his face. He lifted his hand to move his red hair, which revealed his hazel eyes. Mika's face begun to blush when she saw the boy's features.

"Hey! Watch it!" shouted the boy. Mika bent over to help pick up his papers. She passed the papers to him before giving a apology.

"Sorry. I ddin't see you coming. My name is Mika. What's yours?" asked Mika.

"It's okay. I'm wasn't paying attention either. My name is Akou." replied the boy. He started to back up when he saw how Mika was looking at his face, "Why are you looking at me like that?"


The bell rung once again, ending the school day. In Mika's class, students were packing up their books and backpacks so they could leave the room. The only people who still sat in their chairs were Lily and Mika. Mika turned around and looked at Lily's face. She seemed depressed but smiled when she noticed Mika staring at her. The two walked out of the classroom and down the hallway. Neither of the two girls said anything as they left the building. Mika decided to say something first.

"Lily I..." said Mika before Lily interupted her.

"It ok. Even though nobody else believes you, I do. That's what friends are for." said Lily with a smile.

The two proceed out the front door of the school. Standing in front of the school was Gen and Akou, waiting for Mika to come over.

"So can we get this over with? I have homework to do." said Gen, with her hands on her hips. Mika made a small frown at Gen before turning to the others. She couldn't help but regret telling Gen about SD, but it was her job.

"Maybe we should get going instead of standing here. The sun is going down. I really hope you're not lying." said Akou.

"She is lying. Can't you tell? A raining tree? Monsters from another realm? Come on, this is all bullshit. I'm just going along to prove what a bad and stupid prank this is."

"She's not lying! I know thatnone of this makes sense. I don't even know if I believe it completely. But she's my friend. So I'm taking a chance. Maybe you guys should give her a chance too." said Lily, stopping Gen's outburst. Mika smiled. 'I'm glad at least she believes me.' thought Mika.

"Well, I feel like this whole thing is a big joke." blurted Lily.

"Hmm...well if we find out Mika is lying to us, We can always beat her with pointy sticks." replied Lily as others shook thier heads in agreement. Mika's jaw dropped as she heard her friend utter these words. 'I guess not that much.' thought Mika.

The group walked down the street and into the back alley. Mika took them further onto the dirt path and then into the woods. From the woods, the group was lead into the abandon warehouse district. They walked pass all other buildings and stopped in front of a grey building. Mika unlocked the sheet door and slid it open. In front of her stood Eron leaning on the computers. Kane stood by the projector, trying to fix something. On the couch, sat a young teen with reddish-brown hair and hazel eyes. She wore a blue beanie cap with a set of headphones around her neck. She had a black shirt on and blue jeans. A heart shaped belt buckle and a chain connected from her belt to her pocket pulled the whole outfit together. The teen smiled as she saw Mika enter the room.

"Mika!" shouted the girl as she ran towards the group. A happy, but suprised look came over Mika's face as she hugged the other teen. As Gen and Akou up and around the room, Lily kept her eyes on Mika and the new girl.

"Binky, I thought you were on vacation?" asked Mika.

"I decided to come back early. Plus the boss said we were getting new recruits. This must be them." said Binky to the newcomers, "My name is Binky and you are?"

"The name's Lily."


"Mines Gen. What are we doing here?"

"I think I can answer that." said Kane. He lead the three teenagers into the room. Kane then turned the projector on and a image of a tree surrounded around by a thick black fog appeared on the wall, "This is the Regenbaum tree. A tree that flows with ever-lasting rain. The dew from this rain drips off the leaves and onto the ground, creating a unbreakable bond that locks anything in a area around the tree. For years, this area, called the Garmi Realm, held many monsters that used to roam the world and others. They were trapped inside, never to be let out for 3000 years. But something has stopped the rain from flowing. Now the realm is open. Monsters now run wild with in our world. Around the..."

"Yeah we know this already. We heard Mika's fake story. What does that have to do with us?" asked Gen harshly.

"Hey let the man finish! You're don't have be here if you're going to act like." replied Binky.

"Thanks Binky, but you can't help everyone. The truth is that our organization is falling apart. More and more monsters come everyday from the Realm. Our side of the organization cannot handle all the attacks coming form them. That's why we need more recruits. More people to fight the monsters and lead the resistance. For now you cant see anything. The monsters's existence are blind to your eyes. The only way to fix that open your sight between this world and theirs. Here take this."

Kane gave each of the newcomers a leaf. The three looked at the leaf and then at each other. They had no idea what would happen next.

"What is this?" asked Gen.

"It's a leaf from the Regenbaum tree. For you to be able to see the monsters, This leaf has to be burned in your hand and the smoke from the fire will flow into your eyes and body. This will give you the ability to see the monsters. The second part will let you harvest your weapon. That where a twig of the tree comes in handy. But first we must do this."

"This all sound too Hocus Pocus for me. Burning leaves?" said Akou.

"Not really. Sounds likes these guys have been burning too many leaves." Gen said.

"What did you say? This isn't a joke! People have died keeping you safe!" shouted Binky, getting defensive.

"Oh right, the whole monster thing again. This whole thing doesn't make any sense!" snapped back Gen.

"Guys, would you quit? You said you would give this a chance, right? I held to my side of the deal and told you the truth. All I need you guys to do is give it a try." said Mika. Gen bit her lip and looked down. Binky turned away. Kane looked at them before giving a speech.

"If don't want to be here or you feel this is too much for you, leave. We have no intentions of keeping someone against their will. The door is always open. But if you walk out now, there is no way to come back." He looked around the room again. No one budged. He continued on.

Kane walked over to the computer and picked up a set of matches. He brought them back to where the three teens were standing. He had them hold out their hands as she lit a match. He placed the match on to Lily's hand first, letting the leaf egnite. The burned a bright green color that rose and smoked. The vibrant lime green color coming from the leaf's flame amazed Lily as she stared deep into it. Gen and Akou were also astonished by the leaf's reaction. He then ordered Lily to keep her eyes open and take a deep breath. Lily did so, letting the thick smoke flow into her eyes and nostril. She fell to the floor and started choking as the smoke continued to fill her body. Kane then instructed Gen and Akou to do the same. The two looked at each other before lifting their hands up and letting Kane light their leaf. They also fell to the ground, from the powerful strength of the smoke. Lily continued to cough, trying to grasp for air. The last thing she saw before blacking out was a image of Kane, Mika, Eron, and Binky standing over her, looking down.

Lily opened her eyes to find herself facing a ceiling. She lifted her head up to notice she was in a bed. Lily checked her right and left and saw two empty beds, with the sheets already pulled back. Lily pulled back the covers and climbed out of the bed. What she didn't notice was Binky sleeping in a chair next to her. 'How long have I been out?' she thought to herself as she tried to sneak past Binky. Suddenly the teen's eyes open and she caught Lily out of bed.

"Finally you're up, sleepy head." said Binky rising up from the chair. Lily stopped trying to tip toe and decided to chat with Binky.

"How long have I been out?"

"Not long. Usally the smoke process takes about 10-20 mins. Your friends woke up about not too long after recieving the smoke. You, on the other hand, didn't wake up. Everyone was pretty scared. So they had me sit with you while you layed down."

"Where is everyone?"

"They're in the other room. Let's go." said Binky as she and Lily made their way out the door.

In the main room, The others stood around Gen and Akou as they twirled their new weapons around. Gen seemed to have a axe that was slightly larger than her head and Akou carried a sword. Lily looked over at Akou and Gen's faces. Lily was confused as how the teens went from passing out on green smoke to swing weapons.

"Where did they get those from?" Lily asked Binky.

"Those are weapons created from the very same tree that withheld the monsters years ago. It basically the only thing that can penetrate them. Here take this."

Binky handed Lily a twig. Binky then took another match and lit it on fire. Lily jump at the burning twig in her hand and almost dropped it, but Kane insisted that she didn't. Lily then saw as the twig was wisping away into a grey smoke. Kane instructed her to harvest a weapon. He wanted her to think of a weapon that she would like. Lily didn't really have a weapon that she personally liked, matter of fact, at all. As she was trying to think of a weapon, she ten remember of a weapon that her favorite manga heroine, Fuli Vuli, used to carry. She thought hard of the weapon and did what Kane told her to do next, grab the smoke and squeeze into her hands. Lily did so and felt a intense heat coming from her hands. A bright light erupted from her hands, filling a small space around her. She held it until Kane insisted for her to let go. The light materialized to a long halbred with a hammer placed on top.

"I cant believe it! It's just like the one Fuli Vuli has!"shouted Lily, holding the weapon up in the sky. She swung the weapon in a full cricle then slammed it on the ground. A problem soon popped into her head. She couldn't carry this long weapon around with her. She would look awkward.

"Hey, uhh I don't think that I can carry this big weapon around with me all the time. People might start to say things."

"Oh, I almost forgot about that. Whenever you need to hide your weapon, just say Klein and when you want it to grow back to a full size, just say Wahsun."

"Klien?" repeated Lily. Her weapon suddenly shrunk into a small toy version of itself. She looked at it with a suprised look on her face. Lily then shouted "Wahsun!" and her weapon grew back to normal.

"Yes. It's your very own weapon to fight with. Now that everything is set up, I guess it's now time for you guys to go on your first mission."

"First mission?" questioned Gen.

"Yes of course. You didn't think you would sit around and look pretty, did you? Right now there are two monsters in the city square. This would be your first mission. Don't worry, though. Binky and Mika will acompany you. I hope youre ready. You three are in for a hell of a ride."