Two chlidren, one boy and one girl, about the ages of 7, stood at the end a long hallway branching from the house with a door at the end. Sunlight poured through the ceiling-to-floor windows that lined the walls of the hall. Beautiful flowers and luscious plants could be seen outside the windows giving the the inside area a nice glowing shine. Pots of roses were lined in the ray of the sun, letting the roses grow vibrant in the summer afternoon. The children saw the shiny red ball, which they were previously playing with, roll until it hit the door with a soft thud. What they could also hear was the deafening sound of a young woman screaming from the other side of the door.

"AHHHHH! Somebody fucking let me out of this fucking place! AHHHHHHH!."

The young children could here the movement of chains as if the young woman was handcuffed to the wall. They heard her piercing screams, but made no attempt to move. They just stood there looking down at the red ball that had landed in front of the door. The young boy moved his foot forward as if to proceed to get his ball, but everytime a scream was erupted he would pull his foot back in terror of what was present behind the door. The boy then tried once more to walk forward but was held back by the young girl.

"Don't go there. Daddie will get you." she said holding her twin back.

"Why not?"

"We not supposed to be here..." she tried to explain.

"I hear voices! Is someone there?! PLease let me the fuck out! Please..please! Someone fucking help me!" uttered the young woman. Her voice seemed horse as if she was screaming for some time. She started to weep loudly and beg for someone to open the door.

The young boy walked down the hall, forgeting what his sister said, went to pick up his ball. He cautiously approached his toy before quickly picked it up. He was about to turn around before he heard the jingle of the chains. He could now here the woman heavily breathing on the other side of the door. The young boy froze at this moment, not knowing if to run or scream and run.

"Is someone there? Please help me! My name is Sarah Hornwood. Im 17. Please...just please help me!"

"Youre name Sa-r-ah.?" asked the boy with fear in his voice.

"Yes yes Sarah. Can you help me?"

"...I not supposed to be here..."

"No no no that's ok. Can you just help me get out! Please!"

"Daddie would be mad if he found me..."

"Wait, dont go. ...Do you have a phone that I can use or something?"

"We dont have one."

"...How old are you?"

"I'm this many years old." said the young boy, holding up his fingers to the door. The woman soon begun to realize that her savior wasn't up to age. She sighed and continued to keep his attention.

"Hey kid, can you hear me?" asked the girl from the door.

"I not supposed to be here..."

"Yes I know I know. Please just listen to me carefully. I need you to look for a big key. It has a eye shaped handle. Do you understand? An eye shaped handle. I need you to bring that to me so I can unlock this door. Can you do that for me please?" said the woman in a tone the child could relate to.

"Eye handle?" questioned the boy.

"Yes, an ey..." started the woman but was interupted by the sound of a engine. The sound proceed to get closer and closer to the house before stoping. The children heard a car door open and they turned their heads and looked at each other. Daddie was home. The children proceed to exit the hall before they would be able to get caught. The young woman heard them leaving and tried to stop them from doing so.

"Is he back? Is he fucking back? No! Wait! Dont fucking leave me here! Don't you fucking walk AWAY!" shouted the young woman, slaming on the concrete floor that was present behind the door. The two children continue to walk out, but the boy stopped at the door.

"Sorry lady...Daddie's home." he said as he closed the door, leaving the red shiny ball inside the hall.