The front door of the house opened as a man entered. He had tall bulky body, that of a ox. His short black hair stood on end and there were a few bald batches on his head. His grey work uniform had old stains on it and a name patch that read Stan. His thick stuble and dark eyes gave him the image of an estranged killer. The two twins came into the room and ran to the man. To them he wasn't a killer. He was dad. The two children hugged the man's leg, as if he would leave them. The burly man looked down and rubbed their heads with his giant hands.

"Daddie, you're here!" shouted the girl.

"Yes, I'm home." said the father. His voice was deep and disturbing, but the children never notice this about their dad.

"What were you children doing?" asked the father.

"We were playing ball." said the girl loudly. The father looked down at his children to see as if they were telling the truth. He see could see they were hiding something from him. A short silence over came the room. A high tension was filled the room as if a deep fog was crowding the area. The young boy's hands begun to sweat.

"So, where is the ball?" asked the father. His voice seemed different from when he enter the house. It had a angry tone to it. The two children were familar with this; he was going to unleash something they didn't want to children slowly backed away.

"We...we lost it."

"Where did you lose it?" asked the father.

"Uhh...I can't remember.." replied the boy, finally speaking up since his father came home. The boy wasn't scared of his dad, he just saw a different image of him from his sister. The father looked at the two, giving them a look of distrust.

"Were you children by the hallway I told you to stay away from?"

"No!" answered the girl quickly. She then put her hand over her mouth.

Another deep silence enter the room. The father's eyes blared. He stood there, slightly weaving from side to side. He picked up his head and looked at his children again. The father popped his fingers and neck. A scared look appeared on the girl's face as she tried to comfort her dad. She hugged his leg and showed a fake smile. The father saw this and pushed her off. He started to walk in the direction of the closed hallway. The children pulled at his leg trying to stop him, he breezed by them like a football player. As they approached the area, they could faintly hear the young girl screaming. She knew the father was home. Better yet, she knew what he would do to her when he found she was talking to the children. The father reached the door and opened it. Next to the door at the end of the hallway, he saw the red ball. His face became blood red with anger. He grabbed the boy's neck and dragged him to the ball. He grinded the boy's face against the red ball and then against the floor. The young woman knew the man was in the hallway so she screamed louder. When the father heard this, he stopped. He threw the boy back on the floor and faced the children.

"Were any of you children in this hallway?!" he yelled at the top his voice. The girl trembled at her father's voice. She didn't like it when he shouted like that. It sent a chill down her back. The boy just sat still, facing the wall and rubbing his face. The young woman was listening through the door.

"Leave them alone, you fucking freak! Don't you fucking hurt them!"

"Shut up Bitch! Now I'm going to ask you once again! Were any of you CHILDREN IN THIS HALLWAY?!"

"Don't you fucking touch those children!"

The father turned away from the children and faced the door.

"You're going to tell me how to raise my children, bitch? I guess those chains aren't tight enough!" said the father. He dug into his pocket and pulled out a key with a eye-shaped handle.

He forced the key into the keyhole, almost making the key brake. With a slight twist, the door opened to show an empty room. Inside, the walls and floor were covered with a concrete mixture. It gave the room a dry dark feeling of dead corpses. A window was set on the left wall but it was painted yellow, as some type of sick joke about the room containing almost natural light. On the left wall there were two chains hanging down to the floor. At the end of the chains was a young woman. She had dark brown hair and blue eyes that some how seemed dull and void of any life. Her clothes were crinkled up and stained with blood. She looked up at the father and fear rose in her eyes. She tried to back up. She tried to get up and run for her life but fell back because of the restraining chains. She backed into the corner, her eyes filling with tears that she could no longer drop. Suddenly the boy came running in. He kicked and punched the father, trying to make him stop but none of his efforts were useful. The father grabbed the boy and slammed him against the wall, leaving a little blood spot. He then took the boy and threw him out of the room. The father turned his head back at the young woman. He pulled something else out of his pocket. Something that looked like a make-shift scapel. He moved in closer on the girl. She started to kick, bite, scratch, anything to get him off of her. He held her head down one hand and brought the scapel closer to her. The young woman screamed so loud it was more like a echo. A shrilling echo that burned even her ears. The father dug the scapel into her body but she couldn't tell where. The pain still hit her though. She couldn't scream anymore. She was out of breath. Blood starting dripping from her face and into her mouth. She could taste the bitter liquid as it filled her mouth. Her vision blurred and with her last breath she passed out.

"AHHHHH!" screamed the woman. Pain had woken up. Pain that couldn't be described. It was coming from somewhere but she couldn't put her finger on it. It was like something was missing. She looked around the room and notice something different. Not only did she have intense pain, but it was like half of her vision wasn't there. Like someone had put a shadow of darkness over her. She couldn't understand what had happen. She put her hands all over her face, looking for some type of clue. Then she felt something. It was like all her pain nerves were exposed. Even though it was painful, she searched with her fingers on that part of her face. She continued feel sharp pain until she her fingers laid themselves in a gap. A gap right where her eye should be. Opposite of her left eye, was a empty socket.