For all who are actually interested in this story, don't expect updates on a regular basis, I'm heavily involved with some other writing projects at the moment. But I thought I'd give this concept a try. Thanks.

Gifts Of Love

Darrion rolled down the already busy streets cluttered with the usual early morning traffic. The temperature was going to be in the mid seventies and attitudes were high for the coming summer season. Darrion rode around a sleek Jetta, outfitted with all the trappings a typical youth of the day would have. His stereo boomed with the Hip-Hop music he so adored.

He smiled as he recalled the three hundred dollars his father had given him as an end of school year gift. He would most assuredly put that money to good use. As he drove down the busy streets he pulled off onto a another quite suburban neighborhood to pick up his girlfriend. Darrion stopped in front of Gabrielle's house and got out of the car. He walked up the empty driveway and took out his assorted keys. Gabby had given him a key to her house, without her parents knowledge of course. Jose and Maria Santiago both worked as accountants for the same firm, and their work often kept them away from home. Like Darrion, Gabby was also an only child and spent many nights with Darrion in her house when her parents weren't home. Today was typical for this household, no one home but Gabby. Darrion opened the door and shut the door quietly.

"Is that you babe, I'm in the kitchen" said Gabby from afar.

Darrion walked into the kitchen to find his girl chugging down some orange juice, with back pack ready.

"Damn girl you drinkin dat shit a little hard, huh?" said Darrion.

Gabby put the glass down and smiled "It's good for the liver papi."

Darrion walks over and bends slightly over to give her a kiss, what results is a long passionate tongue embrace that lasts well over a minute. They finally pull apart and take a deep breath. Darrion licks his lips.

"You ready mama?" he asks.

"Gimme a minute papi." Gabby replies as she shoulders her back pack.

Gabby rushes upstairs and Darrion waits in the living room and starts to look at all the pictures. The images painted a portrait of a very well off family. Darrion knew that her life was similar to his in many ways. Although she still had both parents, she rarely ever saw them. Growing up with no brothers or sisters, she didn't really have anyone to rely on. Practically raising herself and Darrion knew exactly what that was like.

A moment later Gabby comes back down the stairs holding a brightly wrapped present. Darrion smiles and walks over.

"Aw Gabby what's this?" he asks.

"Just open it Darrion, just another way of saying I love you papa." she replies.

"Damn I am a lucky nigga." he says as he unwraps the package.

Inside he finds a glimmering silver chain with a small charm adorned with the letters D&G. Darrion's face lights up and he puts the chain on. He leans over to give his girl another kiss.

"Darrion and Gabby, dats why I love you girl" he says.

Gabby comes down the stairs and faces her boyfriend "No baby, that's why I love you."

She folds her arms over his shoulders and they begin to kiss passionately again. This time getting a little more heated, Darrion slides his hands over her firm behind and fondles it a bit. She in turn begins to caress his muscular abdomen and hurriedly start to lose themselves in the passion of the moment. Coming back to reality Gabby breaks away from Darrion's lips and chuckles.

"Um, we better get to school, we don't wanna be late." says Gabby.

Darrion's heart and pulse were pounding as he didn't particularly want to stop "Um…yea yea you right, after you."

As Gabby went first through the door Darrion's eyes drifted downwards towards her seductive hips. She could drive him insane with lust and she knew it. Every time he was near her he had to restrain himself from going wild like a jungle animal in heat. It was nice to know that he had the same affect on her. They hopped into Darrion's car and sped off to school.

They pulled into a large campus bustling with students running every which way, lounging and talking, getting off buses…the typical high school scene just before the day started. The parking lot was more like a contest of flashy cars, loud music and dance maneuvers. Darrion rode through slowly waving to various friends and acquaintances. He parked in his usual spot turned the ignition.

"Told you we weren't late ma." said Darrion.

Gabby just looked at him knowingly and both exited the car and entered the large high school.

"Babe I gotta get to class, but I'll see you at three ok." said Gabby as she once again kissed him goodbye.

"Ok shawty, have a good day…love you." said Darrion.

Gabby ran off towards her home class, while Darrion milled in the hall. Several young black men approach Darrion with smiles.

"Yo Darrion mah nigga" said one of them.

"What's good dawg" said Darrion as slapped his friend a low five.

"Just chillin nigga, aye yo you still comin to Jonsey's party right. It's gonna be hoppin kid, we havin it at his uncle's penthouse, dawg we gonna be wilin' the fuck out" said the friend.

"Oh fa sho nigga, me and Gabby gon be there." said Darrion.

"Oh yea most defiantly bring her sexy ass" said another.

"Yo nigga keep ya eyes in your sockets alright." said Darrion jokingly.

In laughter he keeps walking down the hallway and bumps into a group of girls.

"Oh Darrion you and Gabby have been voted this years hottest couple in the yearbook." said a brunette white girl.

"Oh dats wassup, when do we take a picture?" asked Darrion.

"Listen for an announcement, I gotta go" said the brunette as she walked away waving.

Darrion just leaned on a locker and smirked, he was truly blessed, even if he didn't always think so. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a quarter. He flipped it in the air and called out.

"Heads!" he said.

The coin flipped into his hand and indeed came up heads. Smiling he put the coin back into his pocket and walked down the hallway to the start of another day…