"Red Planet: Codename Alpha"
2019 A.D.
"Omega 1, do you read me? Omega 1, do you read me? This is an
emergency message!"
"Alpha 1, this is Omega 1, we are listening. "
"Omega 1, we've been hit. Our radar is down and our 2nd wing had been
damaged. We need help now!"
"Alpha 1, we are sending a rescue ship now. Alpha 1?!"
"Alpha 1, can you hear us?!"
2045 A.D.
"All monitors ready, sir!"-said Alexander Blackwell as he loaded the
cargo program into the main core of the ship. For his age, he was a pretty
young man to be accepted into Elite Corps. He was actually 27, but he
looked like he was at least 35. He had black hair, blue eyes, and was
about 5"8'.
He never thought that he would be accepted after the accident that
happened on the Alpha 1 or Alpha 1.239 as the catalog of ships stated. At
that time, Alpha 1 was a very advanced ship. The accident was never
explained, the ship never recovered from the Meteor 13 station near the
left side of Mars. His father was on the Omega 1 and he could never forget
the grief he suffered after he couldn't save the crew of the Alpha 1.
Neither could Alex. He was just a little boy at that time and the accident
shocked him.
"Thanks, Mr. Blackwell, nice working with you."-responded Mark
"Lionheart" Matthews. He was called "Lionheart" because he once saved a
transport ship with 500 people inside. He was about 6"1' with black hair
and brown eyes. He was with Alex on this mission. This mission to Mars.
Alex closed his eyes trying to think. He remembered his father and what he
said about Mars. "That planet is dangerous and don't you forget it!"-his
father told him. Nevertheless, now Mars was just another overpopulated
commercial area which had absolutely no use to a scientist like his
"Sir, we are ready to launch"-Mark's voice trailed off as Alex
opened his eyes. One thing was still stuck in his mind. He was going to
"We are under heavy fire!"-the soldier screamed and in a split
second, he fell dead.
"Don't give up, fire, fire!"-another voice rang across the
battlefield, filled with fear.
"Mars was under heavy fire yet again. Mars had been called the
Planet of Rebels for a reason. The rebels are always under fire because of
their own foolishness. Send my ground control troops and test out the new
bio-machines I created. I have nothing to do with this. Get me out of
here."-a dark shadow spoke as his hovercraft rode away.
Alex never thought that the surface of Mars would be, well, soft.
Over the years, the hard surface and the craters were wiped out by the BD-
01, a bomb dropped on the rebels by the government. Nevertheless, it was
an amazing sight. Alex had never seen anything so beautiful. The surface
was red but there were little bumps in the surface that made it seem like
there was a huge network in the core of the planet working and those were
it's tiny helpers. This was the only unexplored part of Mars. It stretched
for about 250 miles and then the commercial are continued.
"Sir, don't think these suits are comfortable"-Mark asked from
"Enough with the "No, Sir" and "Yes, Sir" thing, let's talk like
humans"-Alex responded in a tone that suggested that he meant it.
"Fair enough"-Mark responded.
Just then a sound was heard. It was nothing like Alex have heard
before. He saw Mark taking out his gun, which was strapped to his back. It
was an old issue of GR-47, which was a laser gun invented in 2032 A.D. The
sound was like a screech of a dying eagle and the roar of a raging tiger.
It was horrible. Just then, it jumped.
"Fire! Fire!"-Alex's voice roared as he reached for his own gun.
The animal was too fast for them. He saw a part of it's body as it
jumped past him at amazing speed, knocking Mark down, helpless without the
"Help me!"-Mark's voice was hushed over the animal's screams.
Alex rushed over, reaching for his gun. He loaded it and ...fired.