Yes this one is VERY short but that's only because it's the introduction...I'm not going to say that the other chapters will be super long but, well, enjoy it. The story was originally longer (chapter-wise) but i shortened it to make the single chapters longer.

For four months we have been wandering on this land, with only one item of food every week. Sometimes we would miss the time for food, as there was nothing to feed on where we were.

Our village had been taken over and burned to the ground by angered dark knights from a kingdom nearby. All of the villagers including I had to flee. If we didn't, we would all probably be dead and I wouldn't be telling you this story.

I am a simple looking girl, although people refer to me as the 'most beautiful woman.' I have wavy brunette hair that gleams in the moonlight white. I have blue eyes of an average colour, and I am a fatherless women.

The knights killed my father as they attacked. He had tried to save my mother and her soon to be born child but he died before he had a chance-they died along with him.

For the four months we had been traveling I had been watching my four sisters and my four brothers. All under the age of three they were. They weren't the easiest to take care of. If one would begin to cry, the other would follow, and so on and so forth. Taking care of my brothers and sisters includes, cooking for them, bathing them, washing their clothes, and keeping my eye on their every move.

I am a sixteen-year-old girl and there's only so much that one of this age can do. I have no help.

My story begins now.

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