Created and Written by

Jon Tree Top, McKenzi Olson, Brian Donahue, and Richard Daw

Author's Notes

Before we begin our adventures through time, there is quite a bit you, the reader, need to know. First off, I alone am not the only one responsible for the creation of this story. There were five of us, but only four took part in creating the story. That's where the name comes from; we unofficially called ourselves "The Seminary Gang", and the name eventually spawned on to the story.

We began writing back in December of 2005, at our early morning seminary classes. We are all members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day-Saints, and much of the story takes place in the Book of Mormon. Our method of writing was on a Palm Pilot that I often brought to class. Like all teenagers, we were sitting around talking about random things, not realizing that we were laying the foundation for the story. Soon we actually began writing, and wrote it in episode format. After nineteen episodes we decided to end it, and nothing further was done. Until now…

Using guidance from the others (and a lot of help), I have assembled the story together in book form, and am pleased to present it at this site for you to read and review. There is a great deal of credit that goes to Jon for his help in putting together the story, and to Kenzi and Brian for their suggestions, ideas, and countless hours of editing. Perhaps from time to time you'll read works from them at this site.

One last thing to add before you dip into this story… Some of you out there may be familiar with Chris Heimerdinger's "Tennis Shoes Adventure Series", and may equate this story to those books. I would like to formally state that this story is in no way based on his novels, and none of his plot ideas have been used in the creation of this work. Having said that, I, along with the rest of the Gang, am pleased to present you this work,