Dear Summer,

I must admit,

We've had some fun times.

Too bad it's over,

I feel like I've wasted the time I've spent with you.

The days have gone by

And I've just sat and waved to them

As they flew past.

I wish I could have gone back in time

And done something significant.

The time has been lost,

It hit me right now.

I can't get it back.

And then I realize

This is the sad truth of many people's lives.

They've sat on their porchs

Watching the world spin madly on.

Doing nothing with their time.

They wake up one morning and realize

They cannot remember the last time they didn't take life for granted

It's something that happens.

We feel like we have all the time in the world.

When really,

We're all just clocks ticking faster than the speed of light.

We don't notice it as it's occuring

But once we notice that it has passed

We ponder about the what if's and could have's.

Some people miss out on telling others

How they feel

Only because they're afraid or embarassed.

But the truth is

Some day could be too late.

You could just get up and leave

And the words will be left in the dust.

I hope next time you come by

I spend our time together more carefully

And cherish it while it's here.

Sometimes you don't realise how great something is

Until it has passed.

Don't be a stranger.