He fell through a hole

inside my head.

There was nothing to be done,

nothing to be said.

When I first found out,

Ifrowned in puzzlement.

Now it is quite clear,

there's no reason to lament.

There used to be a man,

sitting atop my brain.

This man wasn't very healthy,

had much hurt, ache, and pain.

One day this man woke up,

with a terriblke headache.

He was extremely dizzy,

clear thoughts, he couldn't make!

This man was in a stupor,

awefully confused.

He had no answer to the question

why he woke up bruised.

He finally realized

what so many others could not.

That he had just warped time,

and in dimensions he was caught.

In constant anguish

he became.

His brain was twisted,

he was not sane.

Through this nightmare

he sought solace,

inmy head,

wishing he could stop this.

And that is how

all of this happened.

This man wanted nothing,

but to wrap up the end.

At last I conclude,

he did not fall,

but I pushed him.

It was a judgement call.