The sun was shining
The air was fresh
The birds were singing
And everything was at peace

You report your life as though
Reading word for word
From a children's picture book
I know it's just a delusion

The sun is hiding
The air is stagnant
The birds have flown away
And this silence isn't peace

You may have fooled yourself
You may have fooled the crowds
But I know the world we live in
It followed me here

Go ahead, ignite me some sunshine
And try to cleanse the air
Put out feed for desperate birds
And deny the truth of this silence
Go on and call it peace
I'll call it a stalemate with bodies piling
And I'll prepare for another volley
While you wait for a miracle
We'll see who truly survives

The sun is gone forever
The air has textures of decay
The birds have nothing to return to
And this "peace" is a tombstone's lie