what a way to end the day

what a way to end the day…

-asleep a stranger's arms

-in some place you never thought you'd end up

-how sublime – to walk blind -

-to hold out your hand & trust time-!

to never plan - but be -

- enjoy being –

-and rejoice when you find yourself - where

-at the end of the day

-you have lived even one second more!

-to wake in an empty house

-in unchartered lands

-& the thrill of fear chases you down alleyways –

-over walls –

-up to rooftops –

-feel adventure charm you – let it lead you from your doorstep

-live - my dear - love!

-existence is too fleeting to let existing pass you by

-how supreme - to wake from dreaming –

-to find the wonders endure-!

what better way to end the day

-than with a sunset - you've never seen before