So I was standing there in the middle of the road thinking what an idiot I was when the guy I've had a crush on for like three years walked by me. I had a sudden foolish impulse to go and talk to him, so I did. I bet you know where it went from here, but just in case, I'll describe it for you. I ran up to catch him, but tripped and fell flat on my face. Of course, he turned when he heard me running towards him, so he saw the whole thing. When I got up, I had totally scraped up my face and it felt like it was on fire. He just walked away laughing. I ended up having to get several rocks removed from my face, lots of stitches, and many days of humiliation, but that is nothing compared to when I got home.

My brother Ryan was sitting at his computer, like his usual blob of jelly-ness paying no attention to the world around him, so when I told him that I thought I needed to go to the hospital, he said "Uhhh." Typical teenage boy groan thing. Mom was at work, and I am not old enough to drive yet, so that meant that I just would have to wait another few hours for mom to get home. I started on my math homework when I realized we have a test on a chapter tomorrow, and I forgot my textbook in my locker. Of course, I could call my locker partner and ask to borrow theirs, or I could ask my best friend, but since they are one and the same, or, I guess, were one and the same, I will just have to hope that the quiz is not too hard. I can't wait to find out what they will think about me and my face tomorrow!