Walking along the side of the road, thunder booming in the distance, Sarah was saddened by the
events that had made her life as it is now. Dull and empty. A year ago, she would have done
anything to have it all, and yet now, she couldn't stand the solace of her worldly possessions.
Nothing seemed real anymore. Her life was dwindling right before her eyes, and there wasn't a
single thing she could do about it.

Glancing up at the sky, she watched the clouds roll in, black and full of rain. Knowing full well
that she would catch a death of cold if she stayed, she made her way through the forest keeping to
the trail. The howl of the coyote filled the evening air as she pulled her jacket around herself in an
attempt to ward off the cold.

Walking steadily down the path, her shoes crunching the fall leaves beneath her feet, the wind
whistled through the trees eerily setting her nerves on edge. Many stories of ghosts and ghouls
filled her mind as her eyes darted left and right to make sure that nothing jumped out at her.
Picking up a stick, she swung it toward the ground, sending leaves flying into the air. A small
giggle escaped her lips as she did it once more, enjoying the restful feeling that seemed to
surround her here.

Sarah stopped suddenly, her senses becoming aware of something not quite right. The hairs on
her neck were standing on end as she slowly turned around to find herself faced with nothing.
Looking up toward the sky, she wondered how much more daylight she had before she was left in
the dark. Her head snapped back down again as that funny feeling invaded her senses chilling her
to the bone. Her mind buzzed with anxiety as she wanted to run, but her body wouldn't move.

A shimmer of light fell before her eyes, and she gasped in fear. Her fear spiraling through her, she
turned and ran. Ran as though there was no tomorrow. Through the trees, she flew like a wild
animal not stopping to catch her breath. Stopping abruptly, she screamed in fright as again a
shimmer of light fell in front of her. Was there no escaping?

An unseen hand grasped her shoulder firmly, pushing her backward to hit a tree. The breath
knocked from her body, she gasped for air, her eyes closed to the terror she knew was there.
Gulping hard, she shivered as she felt something run down her cheek and across her throat. Her
body quaking in fear, she opened one eye slowly so that she can at least see what held her captive.

What she thought she would see and what she beheld were two different things. She had thought
to see something real and tangible, instead she was faced with something from a dream. No
distinct shape, neither here nor there, this thing held her tightly pinned against the tree.

Trying to remain calm, she couldn't keep the panic she felt from showing as more of them seemed
to appear from nowhere. She had heard the warnings of the haunted woods, but never payed
them any heed. Now here she was, witness to such a thing only to be scared beyond all

"Come child, lend us your light," a voice surrounded her, encompassing her.

Sarah felt as though a million pins were pricking into her and she screamed in agony as she
realized what was to happen. They were eating away at her life-force, something she couldn't
protect from such beings.

"No!" she screamed, trying desperately to fling the hand that held her away, to no avail. She was
surrounded by the same lifeless eyes that burned into hers and stilled her writhing body.

"Do not fight us child," another echoed in her mind as it started all over again.

An echo through the wood, a single scream in the night soon silenced as though a door closed off
any hope of existence. The leaves rustled in the wind, blowing across the landscape to find
residence along side a forgotten dream. Sarah lay motionless on the ground, her eyes wide open
and her mouth gaping in fright. All her hopes and dreams taken away in just a brief moment of
time. Never again will she see her family, nor think of the future and what might have been. The
air is silenced; the night has broken yet another poor soul that dared venture past the realm of the