Time has passed

things have changed

nothing can ever be the same

you were the best friend we loved

and to us you were the world

we knew you would be there

to catch us when we fall

but then you found another

and we began to fade

you became someone I didn't know

everything just changed

you turned away from us

watched us as we fell

can you see how you have changed

don't you notice we need you

how is the person you called best friend

why must all good things end

what was it we had in common

where is the person I first met

I kept wishing it wouldn't change

Dreaming our friendship could be the same

I trusted in your promises

Now I relize my mistake

I believed in forever

You have changed I see that now

The friend I knew is gone

Changed past recognition

I'm among the last still here

my fate to be that of those before

I dreamed to find that friend again

But that hope has almost died

You were a reason to live

Until you said go die

Maybe the time has come

For us to say a final Good Bye