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Sayuri walked down the maroon carpeted halls to room 978 on the third floor. She looked around her and thought, 'Wow the dorm's nice. Now here's hoping that my roommate is too. Let's see his name is um...Ryu Kurama. Hmm, where have I heard that name before?'

"Hey Sayuri hurry up your bags are heavy you know!" a guy yelled from down the hall.

He was obviously a demon, a handsome demon at that. With the onyx eyes, elfin ears, sharp canines, and dark blue hair there was hardly anyone that could mistake him for a human. He had the usual guy cut, short and spiky, a lean built, and tall, standing at 6 ft 2.

"Oh, sorry Kei," Sayuri snickered, "but a deal's a deal and besides I am carrying some."

"Carrying!" Kei exclaimed dropping a bag in the process, "You're a witch! You know you can just snap your fingers and move them into your bloody dorm in just a second."

"Now, now just because you lost a bet doesn't mean you should start calling me names. I'm a sorceress not a witch.


"And besides I love seeing you suffer from time to time." she laughed, "Now come on this is it. Besides, as a demon aren't you supposed to be or have um what was it...supernatural strength, ne?"

Kei looked at her dryly and hissed, "I may be a demon, but that doesn't mean I have enough strength to carry your godforsaken bags. Damn woman what do you have in these things, bricks!"

"Nothing but the essentials," she replied opening the door, "and Kei have you ever heard the name um..Ryu Kurama before 'cause I swear I've heard of it, just don't know where."

"No can't say that I have and now that I have completed the task, I'll be going now. I do have to unpack my own stuff too ya know."

"Yeah, yeah I can put them away myself, so see you bright and early tomorrow!"

He just scoffed and answered, "Yeah, right."


"I'm just saying, the day you get to class early is the day pigs fly, or something like that."

"I can get to class early!" Sayuri exclaimed glaring at her friend.

"Yeah, yeah whatever you say," he smirked.

"Hmpf, stupid dog demons." she muttered.

"Well this stupid dog demon can hear you loud and clear."

"Yeah, that's the point, so bye!"

"Yeah, bye." he laughed walking out of the dorm.

Sayuri rolled her eyes and closed the door. She was a freshman in college and studying archaeology. Aside from that average information the college she went to only had demons, witches, wizards, sorcerers, and basically anyone not human except for the small handful, who were usually children of hunters.

She was twenty, stood 5 ft 4 in tall, had deep blue-green eyes, porcelain skin, an hourglass figure, and short brown hair. All in all she could be classified as a first class babe, though if you told her that and you were a guy she'd knock you out cold.

Sayuri didn't think about guys constantly like a lot of girls she knew, but she sure did have a lot of guy friends, Kei being the closest, and some close girl friends. Over her entire life she did have some boyfriends, but only one guy out of all of them she was sure she loved, but it didn't work out the way she liked and they broke up. They made contact from time to time, but nothing that intimate.

"Well this is it." she breathed, "Now let's see here, furniture, a room open with stuff inside, and of course a messy living room. Yup a guy definitely moved into here."

She waved her hand over all her bags and stuff and they were transported into the opposite room. Sayuri was about to walk to her room the unpack everything when she suddenly heard a thump followed by some moaning and groaning outside the door.

'Oh great a hormone induced guy is my roommate. Great.' she thought sarcastically and then started to panic when the door began to open, 'Damn.'

Sayuri clapped her hands together and said some incoherent words and instantly she became invisible just as the two sex driven individuals burst in.

'Shit they're demons, better hide myself completely.' she thought and quickly said a spell in her mind, 'There, now to get to my room.'

She looked at the couple and guessed that the red head was her roommate. It was a good thing they were distracted or else...well a very awkward situation would have occurred. Slowly she walked to her room and almost collided into them when they started to walk to the opposite room, kissing and groping each other on the way.

When she finally got into her room and stealthily closed her door she slide down to the floor and said to herself, "This is going to be a very interesting four years."

She undid the spell and waved her hand over her things again and watched as all her clothes, and stuff were slowly folded and put away. Then she went over to the bathroom and undressed. She could clearly hear some moaning of names and figured out that the blonde was Kiku.

'Oh brother.' she thought snapping her fingers.

The tub silently filled with clear water and pink bubbles. Sayuri stepped in and relished in the warm waters that were soaking away all her tenseness. She blocked out all the sounds coming from across the dorm.

'Alright I just need to relax. I'm living in what may be the swankiest dorm, but at least it's better than a flea infested one. Thank god my parents forced me to move into here. Now all I need to do to keep things perfect is to keep my distance from that Ryu Kurama...Wait a second! Shit!' she sat up hastily, 'Ryu Kurama that's the guy Tomoyo told me about. The big class playboy of the school. Great, just perfect.'