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The sound of footsteps and a door slamming awoke Sayuri from her sleep.

'Looks like the lovebirds had a spat.' Sayuri thought.

She was about to fall back into a deep sleep when her door was flung open.

"AHHH!" she screamed falling off her bed, "What are you trying to do, give me a heart attack?!"

Ryu smirked, "No, but what are you trying to do, intimidate me in those bunny pajamas?"

Sayuri looked down at her–rather short–cotton nightdress printed with cute pink bunnies, "For your information, they're rabbits and this is a nightdress not pajamas," she retorted sarcastically.

"Whatever. Here, you left your um...rabbit on the couch." he said flinging the toy off to the side.

"Hey!" she exclaimed, waving her hand and freezing her stuffed toy in midair, "Don't throw him around like a ragdoll!"

"Him?" he asked smugly.

"Yes him." she replied placing the toy on her bed, "Now if you will...what the!"

She was flicking her hand madly at him with no prevail.

His smirk became bolder as he took her flicking hand, "I asked around about you, seeing as you are my roommate."

"Oh how nice and let me guess, you found out about my powers." she stated swiping her hand back.

"You got that right babe, which is why I got this." he replied pointing to a star shaped talisman.

"How the hell did you get your hands on that?"

"My little secret, now good night."

"Yeah, yeah good night. What luck!" she sighed falling back to sleep.