queen of clubs:
She's fluid.
I can't help but stare.
Jimmy laughs at my obviousness.
"I don't know how you do it."
"Do what?"
"Get away with the things you do." Jimmy sneered.
He's nothing but a two bit thief, oblivious to the subtle arts that line these walls.
I tear my eyes away from her cascading legs long enough to call Jimmy a fool.
But when I look back she's gone.
A regular disappearing act.
But the odds change.
And really it's not the hand you were dealt, but how you play your cards.
This is all a game of saving face.
The beat thumps it's way back in to my consciousness,
and I remember that we came here for a reason.
Let's go, I tell him and we make our way to the dance floor.
Make an appearance.
That's all we need to do.
Talk up some people for a few minutes and everyone will remember you being there.
You were the life of the party.
and then when the police start talking to people about a heist across town,
no one would pin your face to the crime,
even though it has your name written all over it.
You were here all night.
You bought the entire bar a round of drinks to celebrate Joey Nobody's twenty-first.
You were all the guys' best friend.
You were all the girls' wettest dreams.
You were their everything.