I woke up to the distinct sound of my morning alarm clock. I groped about, trying to find it. My long thing fingers reached above the vanity set beside my bed. I moved around, trying to feel for the shape of it. At last, my fingers wrapped around the cylindrical form of my alarm clock. I pushed the small round button on the side. The beeping finally stopped.

I'm not a morning person at all. Just this small morning routine wore me out. I kicked the covers from my small feeble body. It was hot. I didn't need to see anything to realize that the warm rays of the sun had already crept into my room. I bathed in the sunlight, stretching all sides of me.

Then, I willed myself to sit up. It took a lot to convince my body that I needed to leave the comfort of my bed. With a yawn, I sat up. I felt for my clothes that I had already prepared last night. It was right next to me. With some time, I changed.

I swung my legs over the side of my bed. My toes wiggled down to the wooden planks that made my floor. At the first touch, my foot retreated. The floor was cold. Getting adjusted to the change in temperature, my feet felt around for my fuzzy slippers. After my feet were secure in my slippers, my right hand reached for my walking stick. With some difficulty, I finally realized that it had fallen under my bed. I sighed and reached down. I felt around for it. Not being able to see it created problems. I squatted down beside my bed and stuck my arm as far under my bed as possible. I swept around feeling for the shape. At last, my hand clutched it. I brought it out and stood up.

I pointed the stick in front of me. It guided me out of my room, into the halls; pass my sister's room, to the bathroom. The cane bumped into a closed door. I knocked. "Hailey, let me in" I shouted in a scratched voice. My throat felt dry and a sour taste was left in my mouth from last night.

A sound of frustration came from inside the bathroom. But the click of the doorknob let me know that my sister had opened the door. I pointed the stick in front of myself again. There was a small step between the bathroom and the halls. I had tripped on it several times already; not need to repeat my mistakes. Once in the bathroom, I rested the cane near corner. I walked over to the sink. I turned on the faucet and reached for my cup and toothbrush. Then, after the cup was settled on the marble sides of my sink, I reached for the toothpaste. I squirted some in my mouth.

"Ew, totally gross Kristy" Hailey commented.

"I can't help it. I can't see my toothbrush" I replied placing my toothbrush into my mouth. I brushed half-heartedly.

After several minutes of rinsing, I placed everything back.

"Ugh, my pimples are huge" my sister said to herself.

Reaching for my washcloth, I said, "They can't be that bad."

"How do you know?" she replied rather harshly. "You can't see anything!" With that, she stomped out of the bathroom.

I sighed. She was right. I couldn't see anything. I was born blind. Everyday I lived alone in the darkness of my own mind. I don't really know how my sister looks like. She wasn't blind, she was born perfectly healthy. I can sort of figure out how she might look like after she reluctantly allowed me to feel the features of her face when we were younger.

But there is one benefit to being blind I guess. I lived in my own world. I could make anyone look exactly as I wanted. That's one thing I'm thankful I have—imagination. With it, I could travel to places far beyond anyone's knowledge. I could have as many friends as I wanted within my own mind. Sure, I have some friends in the real world as well. And though I don't really know how they might look like, it doesn't matter. Because in my mind, they have the faces of angels.