You think you're in this alone now,

Oh, I know I'm to blame.

The things that you said,

I see what you feel is the shame.

When you walk out,

I see you hide what you feel.

And for one more time I'll ask,

Just let me know if it's real.

All I want to do,

Is wipe the tears from your eyes.

Because it kills me,

To know I'm the reason you cry.

Let me be there,

You know I don't have to say why.

Just please tell me,

That this isn't good-bye.

Can you hear me?

When I call out to you.

Is there something,

Anything I can do.

I know you're sorry,

And you know that you're wrong.

You know that I love you,

And our love will last on.

All you have to do,

Is wipe the tears from my eyes.

And say it kills you,

To be the reason I cry.

We'll be there,

And we don't need to hear why.

Because we both know,

That it's goodnight not good-bye.

Then the years continue,

And our lives will lead on.

But you're still there with me,

For every dusk and each dawn.

You stand beside me,

And I beside you.

For God has blessed us,

With a love that is true.

And with each trouble,

You'll wipe tears from my eyes.

And with each fear,

I'll comfort all of your cries.

We'll always be there,

For the laughs and the lies.

And we will never,

Speak those lonely good-byes.

And as our lives flickers,

And our strenghts fade.

We'll both be content

With every choice that we made.

Our hearts will be light

As we move to unknown.

And forever we'll know

That we won't be alone.

And the tears will fall

From the saddest of eyes.

And our grieving families

Will weep those sorrowful cries.

And we won't be there

As the day comes and dies.

And we will never

Have to say our good-byes.