I Really Want to Love You

I am ready to open up my mind to you,

And to really think this all through.

I really want to be with you,

But I don't know what to think, what to do.

My life is in a tangle now,

Social and school issues, holy cow.

You really amaze me though, wow!

Confessing your true thoughts to me out loud.

If only you could see,

The troubles that lie deep beneath,

This happy, laughing, exterior, portrayed by me.

But soon the inside thoughts will be free.

I am writing this short letter for you, my friend.

So that this bond we have will never end.

Through good times and bad, I will continue to send,

These short messages to help me slowly mend,

My issues and feelings that have been hidden deep inside.

I knew keeping them from you would be like a lie.

And I could never do that to you because we have such a close tie,

A bond, a friendship, and in this bond there is nothing to hide.

And to conclude this emotion-filled note,

To finish off everything that I wrote,

I will send it in a bottle and let it float,

And maybe you will find it when you're fishing in that big red boat.

I'd also like to tell you that soon our friendship and love,

Will be like that of a handsome swan and beautiful dove.

Filled with happiness, joy, and sunshine from the heavens above.

We will be there for eachother like a hand in winter needs a glove.

I really want to be with you,
I know our love could be so true.
I want to know if I really love you,
Because I really want to love you.