Deceptive Echo

When I needed you most

You chose to ignore

my voiceless screams

like you did to her.

She needed you more than anyone

but you avoided her call.

You stood by my side

as you watched her fall.

And now I feel as if I'm

reliving her past.

Walking down that road.

The road she had taken last.

To abandon you, she did no wrong

I knew you'd do the same to me.

I knew it all along.

And now lying hopelessly on the ground

I feel a hand grasp around my own.

And am surprised to see her smile

as she starts to lead me back home.

She and I are completely separate,

but in some ways are alike.

Like her, I fell through your torment

and in the end, I took back my life.

A/N: Damn. Its been awhile since I last published . Maybe that'll change...or maybe I'll find something better to do. Like watching cartoons and getting fat on the couch. Hey can u blame me? Cartoons rock. Reviews would be nice if you please. Toodles!