Living the Dance

Dance, children, dance

Throughout eternity.

Never stopping,

Always whirling,

Streams of color,

Whirling past.

Dance, children, dance

Through the floods,

Through the tears

Like a wild, midnight star

Streaking with a flash

Leaving but a trail

Of shimmering dust.

Dance, children, dance

Join the world

If you must.

Always growing, knowledge learned

Tears abiding, hearts aching

During your brilliant parade

Through the dark sky.

Tumble back, if you must

To the earth, where

Reality lies

Hurt conveys

Love obeys.

Dance, children, dance

Smell the daisies

And the coffee

Feel the burning, overhead sun

Darken your skin.

Feel the breezing night air

Chill your bones.

Dance, ladies, dance.