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The Hands of Fate


Chapter Two: Disregard the Past


Prince's POV


The king never made me what he wanted me to be.

I give you my word I'll never be like my father.

He lives for power.


I do not know what I live for. But it is not for power. The immortals were created for power, and they were banished. The scientists tried to create a being that could be a weapon of night, and they suffered the consequences at the hands of their own creation.

That kind of power should never be distributed, as if it is able to be distributed in the beginning. Put into the wrong hands it could destroy. Put into the right hands it could rebuild and save.

People like my father, the king... control should have never been passed to him. I don't care if I ceased to exist but he, as a ruler, cannot pull away from the promises of power.

And now, to help his rule, he has decreed that I must marry before the next full phase of the moon, seven days from present time. He believes that after he descends from the throne he can control me. As if he can.

I hated the way the women threw themselves at me. It didn't even matter to them apparently if their husbands stood next to them. Maybe their husbands encouraged it. I hope truly that they didn't. If they did, it would just be proof that our kingdom beyond doubt is corrupted.

Three days ago I ran away, without casting a backwards glance as I scaled the kingdom walls. I never looked back. I had nothing keeping me there.

All I took was a knife. It was all I needed.

The night before, I had set fire to the scientists' records of the werewolves and their creation. The creature was now buried by his human parents. The wolf they had used to make the mortal a werewolf still ran free in the wild, unknowing of what it had created by being captured by mortals.

I had lived off of mainly berries and roots, not wanting to kill for food, unless food became too scarce. It hadn't been hard to scale the mountain. As a kid I had loved the mountain and had climbed it for fun, knowing the land as well as I knew myself.

I don't know why I stopped coming to these mountains, a place where I truly felt at home. One of the three nights I sat there wondering about that, as the sun was disappearing across the distant mountains.

Then I had met that girl that had just sat on the stone, quite a huge stone by that point, seeming rather amused by my presence. I had guessed at that point that you could see the whole valley when the fog was gone from that rock. Her legs had trailed over the side, her posture relaxed.

I had remembered my dagger, sheathed in my leather boot, as I saw her weapon hanging from her side, double the size of my own and menacing, apparently made by someone skilled. It looked heavy, but I was sure it was light and could slice through my weapon with ease.

I didn't even guess that I could have stumbled upon the immortal camp so easily and without an ounce of resistance. It was if they didn't mind my presence, like they weren't the monstrous people the kingdom made them out to be, not killers at all, but people that watched peacefully.

I wouldn't have guessed that that girl was an immortal. She looked like any other girl that threw herself on me; no she was by far the prettiest of them all. She put them all to shame. It would make you think it was odd though, that she was just sitting there.

Was she an offering to the wild?

No, she couldn't be. She looked too comfortable, too at home. She didn't look scared, not the least bit frightened.

No damsel in distress that was for sure.

But as she spoke to me, I realized she was so much more than what the mortals in our kingdom were forced to think. They weren't killing machines by nature, though designed for the purpose of war. They were like us, with emotions and the ability to reason.

I ran away, they were forced away?

Were we really all that different?


I stared at the female immortal as she sat on top of a large branch of a tree, with ease sharpening a few arrows. Sparks flew off the sharp arrow as the fast strokes began to generate a strong heat.

The female mortal seemed to not mind the dampness of the branches and the fact that it was drizzling slightly. I didn't care about it much, as long as I didn't get drenched.

I sat on a dead log, debating what to say. I absentmindedly began to dig into the log with my dagger. I realized I had made seven tallies. The amount of days that remained.

The silence was beginning to get unnerving and the only sound was the scrapping of metal against metal.

The other immortals hadn't cared if I stayed. They were indifferent as long as I brought back enough kill from the hunt and when I went back kept the location a secret. One of the immortals had reinforced that statement with the threat that if I told, a certain fatal fate would fall upon me.

Funny how that works eh?

"So you've been here for eight years?"

She looked up briefly, her auburn red eyes calculating. "Somewhere around that number."

Another silence fell in between us.

She suddenly looked up, and with a swift motion cut a long branch in half and slung her bow and arrows across the sturdy foot-long branch. The cut branch fell to the ground, the leaves breaking off as it hit the ground

"So, tell me prince..." she began, pulling her arms lazily behind her head.

I was beginning to get tired of this 'prince' stuff. "Please don't call me prince anymore. Would you get annoyed if people called you immortal by glance?" I asked her with a sharp note of distaste.

She uninterestedly glanced in my general direction, leaning her back against the trunk of the tree. "It's what we've always been called. At the beginning it got rather annoying but I guess we just accepted what we were. But since you don't like your title while in these woods, what name shall you liked to be called, your highness?" she asked with a small sneer.

"Rath is fine." Something occurred to me just then. I had no idea what her name was. All I knew was that she was the only female immortal of the six. "What is your name, female immortal?"

"What do you wish to call me, prince Rath?"

She's obviously trying to annoy me.

"Whatever your name is."

She smirked. "Whatever your name is' it is... most of the immortals call me 'Melasion' though."

I smirked back. "It fits because of your hair. It means 'of darkness', am I correct?" I asked.

She smirked, her black hair slightly scattered over her face and shoulders. "That it does. Those scientists based our names off our characteristics or names that inspired fear in others... But as I was about to say before, tell me what you sense, anything at all."

For about two or so minutes I listened, smelled and watched. "It's silent. There's a large body of water nearby. There's... a snake nearby... A group of onyx deer just passed through here, and before that just regular deer of some sort." I could smell and hear other things of course, the rustle and singsong whistle that the breeze made, a drop of morning dew as it fell from a leaf, the smell of the old woods, ever fiber in the dead of living trees, overgrown with moss and vines, the scent of fear that flashed up here and there as a creature faced true fear, death.

The girl seemed surprised. "You don't like guessing do you? You have extraordinary senses... for a mortal," her glare was suspicious, "but still us immortals surpass you. There a waterfall up ahead, in a full half circle, a pack of wolves with four cubs are resting there temporarily. The deer you mentioned are running away north from a large cat. I could tell you so much more," her hand snatched out and a brilliant butterfly flapped its wings helplessly till the girl let it go again.

She stared at me for a few more minutes. Somehow I knew she knew that I had not gone in depth to what I had sensed. God I'd wish she'd stop doing that. It really is so unsettling.

She swung her leg around the branch and let herself fall, landing in front of me. She lifted my chin and stared directly into my eyes, hers searching mine with a growing curiosity.

I could feel her faint breath on my face. In reality immortals are so similar to us. Curiosity and bewilderment also existed in them as well.

Her hands slipped out from my chin and I let my chin drop again, and she backed away but her eyes still searched mine, scanning them over and over. Her eyes dilated in surprise and she let out a long breath.

"You aren't completely mortal... Why do I see this? Why do you have auburn eyes, not mortal at best?"

I sighed, defeated. I hadn't really admitted this to anyone before. "Do you have another moment by chance lady?"

She sat down next to me, nodding, her lips in a line of curiosity.

I started slowly, recalling my early life as easy as if it were yesterday. "When I was young I often would do things I shouldn't of because of the fact that I could. My father hated it and it just drove me on with a wild resentment. And there always is that day where you just go too far. I was ten... It was among your last months in the city if I recall correctly."

She nodded silently, as if recalling as well. It occurred to me after my sorry little speech that she could remember things as well, probably better, as I could and she could recall everything down to the last minute of her stay within the wretched kingdom.

"I was going to try and destroy all the scientist's records and samples of whatever they had kept. I got through most of the records which I found unlocked and began destroying the samples. But unfortunately for me one of the scientists' creations used its powers it was given to knock a tube of acid on my face."

She stared at me then, looking at my face keenly.

"All of the acids landed on my eyes. I couldn't see for almost a year. When my vision did come back, I realized there was something different. My senses were enhanced dramatically. I snuck in again and stole some files successfully. It was an immortal potion that was spilled on my eyes."

She didn't respond so I kept going.

"By the time I was fifteen I could see the difference between me and other noble teenage boys. I was taller than them, stronger and completely muscle. My eye color had changed as well, from a blue to a red."

She then leaned back and with a swift motion grabbed a branch above us and flipped onto the branch she had set her arrows upon and jumped back down.

"I'm surprised no one suspected anything and you were able to live with these changes."

I flashed a grim smile. "You're not the only one surprised. You know how many times I thought that accident would kill me? Going blind was the worst time in my young life."

She flashed me a hard glare. "And one more thing... prince Rath. If you truthfully did inherit some extent of the immortal powers... you are immortal... for the nickname the scientists gave us back then isn't just for show. The truth is hardest to believe right?" She said with an odd snap. "Did you ever tell anyone, any relative that kept the secret for you?" She said referring to anyone close, and obviously not the public.

I shook my head, picking a fallen leaf and twirling it in my fingers. Out of the blue she offered me a hand. I took it blankly, not quite sure what she wanted. She set her archery weapons down again. She rolled her eyes. "My trip to get them was useless. I can get them later." I stared at her, still blankly. "Come on, I want to see how fast you can run."

"But, I've never..."

She looked at me with a grin. "You've never had a chance to test your limits have you?" I nodded with a sheepish grin. "Come on; let's see if you really can call yourself immortal."

Something in me screamed that it may be nice to have a reason to truly be an outcast of my home kingdom. Here there wasn't any pressure of what you can't and couldn't do.

The girl grabbed my arm and took off. It took me a second to gain my footing, but my stiff leather boots were slowing me down dramatically. The girl noticed and pointed at her own feet.

She seemed to be jumping from step to step, shoeless.

I kicked my shoes off in a swift motion and suddenly felt a burst of power, raw power of speed. Not a power to control but a power which it was the knowing that I could run faster than any mortal, escape from the control that I had left behind.

I let out a joyful cry and the girl began laughing. She pointed to the path in the woods and with a flash increased her speed. I tried my best to keep even with her but she had passed the point of hawks in a deadly dive, cheetahs at their fastest. Her feet were gone and I was amazed at how easily she accomplished this.

The leaves and dirt under my feet was damp and our footsteps were so forceful that it dug huge holes in the dirt.

Soon my feet were caked with mud.

I had never really been able to run freely before. Sitting in formal meetings all the time doesn't give you that chance.

Gradually I began to loosen up, and my stride lengthened, increasing till I easily kept up with the girl.

She yelled one word into the wind; pointing at a 3 meter fallen log, old and decayed over many long years. "Jump!"

I saw her form tense, and she took a mighty leap clearing the height by quite a few feet. I took the jump and cleared it not as easily, but still clearing it, and landing hard on my leg on the other side.

At that landing too much force came from my speed and height of the jump and I fell, on instinct curling into a ball.

I uncurled and stared at the amused eyes of the girl. She laughed lightly and pulled something from my hair, dropping the muddy leaf back onto the forest floor. My chest was heaving, but my breath settled quickly.

The girl grinned as I couldn't help laughing. Who knew I could clear a 3 meter log? Not me, that's for sure.

"Come on, but you've got to run quickly... faster than that. And be careful not to slip on the sand. When I was younger I got a mouthful and it really tastes bad..." She said with a shudder.

"What are we doing?" I yelled as she pulled me into another run.

She grinned. She yelled back words, but I think I didn't hear her right. Walking on water doesn't seem possible...

Three seconds later we reached sand and I knew she wasn't kidding. The large lake loomed before us and with confidence the girl ran across, her feet hardly touching the surface. I followed, definitely with less confidence, but still give me some credit, I followed her.

The waterfall was pouring and creating showers of mists not too far away. Across the top I thought I saw a figure, but dismissed it. Damn are birds big these days.

Then I saw it again, a tall muscular blonde carrying twin swords, at least 8 feet long with the handle in the middle, swords erupting from both sides.

Hahaha, he's a bird now... Wow, wasn't my imagination...

The girl suddenly stopped and I slipped on something solid, crashing headfirst into the water.

I broke the surface easily and glared at the laughing girl, who offered me a hand which after a minute gradually realized I had to take. She grinned apologetically and I surveyed the platform of solid ice that we both stood on.

"Well a plus, all that mud is off now... I forgot that you were with me. It's easy to forget when you've been used to stopping at will after eight years. This is a natural crater in the middle of the mountain, beautiful isn't it? But I stopped for my brother. Yeah I saw you notice him too... Watch..."

I looked just it time to see the blonde change course at the middle of the horseshoe shaped falls and jump. I watched with a growing horror and looked to the girl, who didn't appear troubled as her twin brother vanished behind a cloud of mist. "He's fine, watch..." Seconds later the man erupted from the water, his long legs crossing the water as if it were regular grass.

For amusement he was twirling the long blades easily, the handle in the middle rotating so quickly the metal shone with a rubbed heat.

He handed one to the girl. I suddenly noticed he was completely dry. He noticed my skeptical look and grinned.

"If you go fast enough you'll dry easily... my sister tells me you're well adept for a normal mortal with an accident through immortal potions."

I stared at him for a second then glanced at the girl who was grinning sheepishly. "It's our secret Rath. I can hear his thoughts, and any other immortal if I wanted... And by the way, where are the others?"

The male snorted. "Raqu took watch, and the others are resting." He paused then turned to me. He handed me a silver sword, lined with a clear metal... diamond. "You're going to need that."

The girl's face suddenly turned hard, her fingers gripping the handle of her two sided sword tightly. After a moment a word slipped from her lips. "Seriously?"

I glared at them both. "Clue me in?"

The blonde turned to me. "Some flying beast those scientists created is killing off many of the animals in the valley. Many more than it needs for it to survive." He turned to his sister again. "You know, he's part immortal. We probably can teach him to talk like we do..."

"Maybe, but right now one of the many scientific creations of your royal highness's kingdom needs to be put into his place."

I looked at the swords curiously. "Then what...?"

"Are the swords for? Most of the time, things don't go peacefully, Rath," the blonde said, his face finally hardening with a dark seriousness.

I looked at the dagger and drew a deep breath. "What are we waiting for exactly?"

The girl glared at him to be silent.




The blonde's head snapped up. "Over on the ridge. It's got a few human children. And a mate apparently."

The girl tossed a lazy look at me. "I really do hate your scientists."

I sighed. "So do I... more than you know girl..."

The blonde grinned, letting out a laugh. "What, you hate us that much?"

I paled. "No, that's not..."

The blonde grinned again. "Hey, let's focus on getting those children back... before they eat them mind?"

I stared. "Eat... them?"


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