Note: this was written after something deeply personal happened to me. I hope these emotions are something you never have to feel. It's kind of … well, weird. Don't ask me why I even wrote it but once I started, I couldn't seem to stop.

Awake in a Nightmare.

Have you ever noticed that one minute, everything seems to be going right? Life is working out, things are looking up the sun is FINALLY shining.

Then, it happens.

The one thing you dreaded most, the thing you were so scared was coming. Then come the tears, the pain, and the cries, avoiding the mirror because you know how disgusting your face must look, blotchy and red from lack of sleep. You lay awake at night, wondering exactly when this all happened. Your mind travels back to the one event that triggered this chain reaction of lies, deceit, and most of all … pain. Wondering why, why you, why did this have to happen? Why did fate bring this cruel reality to pass, things that you only saw in your nightmares before now? Looking at yourself, it was like a movie without sound, a slow reel of terror that was on play with no stop button in site. You can't slow it down but hide your face, as everyone around you appears to stop and stare at the sheer terror of the site before them. Then, you open your eyes, but find no one. Mixed up confusion, you appear to be drowning in your own tears.

And then, you wake up.

The sun is shining again. You can see the clouds dispersing. You can feel a warm breeze blowing in and for the 1st time in a long white … you smile.