Last season ended off with a big bang of surprises of bites and now It's time to conclude the bites. Well the school year at Edgemont Senior High school ended up with a student committing suicide on school grounds by emancipating herself from the school's Balcony which that student was Ebony Genkins. Then as the Police arrived, another Incident was being held Inside the school. Bryant Norwood had attempted to Shoot Joy myer, but He missed as Demetrius O'brien came to her rescue by grabbing her and running out the school for safety. Then the police then caught Bryant and arrested him for attemtped murder. All students were shocked as Bryant left the school hand-culped with such rage. Joy and Demetrius then had a moment, But before they could even speak to eachother, Joy's Father, Mr. myer showed up to the school with a Jet Plane and took Joy away quickly as Demetrius would never see her again. The next day was the last day for all students for the school year, which all students would cry, reminsce, say goodbye and get ready for the summer, Only If they knew the upcoming year would be a even more shocking year of Drama, Betrayal, Infidelity, Heartbreak, seduction, Manipulation, Lust, Mysteries and Tragedy. So get ready for

All new bites of Season 2 : JUST BITE ME.


It's Now 7: 30 A.M And The First Day Back To School. As Tiara Is Walking around Chewing On a Oatmeal Bar, Her door Bell Rings. Then She Walks to the front door and answers It." Oh my god, BrandI, What's up, Girl ! ".said Tiara. " Well you know me, If you're ready, I'm ready ".responded, BrandI." So what you doin at my crib now ? ".asked Tiara. " Well I thought you would need a ride or somethin, homegirl ".said BrandI. " Nope, Girl. Daddy got me some wheels last week, You ain't see my new car, It's parked right outside ".said Tiara. " I must be blind, Cause, there Is no new ride outside yo house, please show me, girl ".said BrandI. " What the Fuck, Where Is my damn Honda, Oh hell no, hold up, girl, somebody Is trippin bad ".said Tiara. " real bad ".said, sarcastically, BrandI. " Girl, shut up ".said, laughing : Tiara. Then Tiara went to the kitchen and spotted a note on the refrigerator and was upset of what she read." Damn, I can't believe this shit ".said Tiara. " Girl, what happen ? ".asked BrandI." My mom Took the car, She said ride the bus just for today, Hell no, I won't, I'm am not about to ride old yellar, Shit ".said Tiara. " And that's yo new car ".said BrandI. " Okay..., That's what I'm sayin ".said Tiara. " So you do need a ride to school then ".asked, smiling : BrandI. " Whatever, It ain't even funny, Let's just go, okay, I'm not about to be late on the first day ".said Tiara. " Let's do this, then ".said BrandI. Then As Tiara tried Sitting In the front, the Door was locked. " Oh, tiara, you go have to sit in the back, girl ".said Tiara. " Why, Officer, Jones ".said, Sarcasticaly, Tiara. " Girl, stop being funny, Because somebody Is In the front ". said BrandI. " Who, Brandon, Tell him to hop his ass In the back then ".said Tiara. " It ain't even Brandon, It's my boo, Eva ". said BrandI. " Oh, Okay then ".said Tiara. Then she got Into the car as they rode off to school." Hi, Tiara ". said Eva. " Oh, hey ". said Tiara. " So you ready for your Junior year ? ".asked Eva. " I guess so ".reponded, Tiara. " I know me and BrandI our going to really enjoy our year, right baby ".said Eva. " Hell yeah, the hottest couple to hit Egdemont high ".said BrandI. Then they both started kissing As Tiara just turned looking out the window and wishing she had her new car at this point.

Brandon and Antwuan In the Cafeteria During School Breakfast. " I hate this shit, dog I can't do this shit anylonger , Antwuan." Look, man. you have too, It's your life, Okay. You have friends to help you through this, me and Monique are always going to be here for you, you have to deal with this, It's normal ".said brandon. " No ! It's not, I'm In a damn wheel chair, that's not normal, I'm In this shit my whole Life, I'm a cripple my whole life ".said, angryly, Antwuan. " Well deal with it ".said Brandon as he rolled antwuan out of the cafeteria.

Monique and Trish Walking Down the Halls Talking." A whole new year for me, this will will a extradinary Journey, What I need Is a Boyfriend with benefits ".said Trish. " You're a trip, why can't you just keep a boy for one time, It won't hurt ".said Monique. " But, that's boring. why have one, when you can taste many, I just like sharing, you know ".said Trish. " Now that's nasty, and no I don't know, If I ever have a boyfriend, I'll make It last forever, even though that's kind of Impossible these day's ".said Monique. " If you have a boyfriend, why won't you just tell brandon you want him already, you've been crushing on him for a whole year, girl. you need to let him know now, before It's too late, School has started which means relationships are being seeked In this bitch ".said Trish. " shut up, you are not In the position to give me any advise about relationships, you can't even keep a man for a week, girl. please, you better go somewhere with that ".said Monique. " I'm just sayin, Once he's taken, there's no turning back ".said Trish. Then Monique started to think about what Trish was Advising.

BrandI, Eva and Tiara Arrive At school. " I'll catch ya later, okay ".said Tiara. " Okay, peace out, girl ".said BrandI. Then Tiara Saw Alejandro and got Instantly happy and ranned towards him, hugging and kissing him. " Damn,babe. I miss you too ".said Alejandro. " I haven't seen you In two weeks, My mom got me in this Camp shit for community service, so yeah, what's been up with you ? ".asked Tiara. " Nothing, just chillin, I just found out my Homeboy goes out here this year, but other than that, I been missing my sexy boo ".said Alejandro, as he kissed her." stop It ".said Tiara. " why, you're blushing over me, my baby Is so happy to see me, how cute Is that, you're so cute ".said Alejandro. " Please stop It ".said Tiara, Blushing. " Stop what ? ".ask Alejandro. " Stop teasing me ".said, Tiara, Smiling. " Sorry, I just love you so much, look how cute you are, damn you're cute ".said Alejandro. " Are you coming to my house afterschool, today. I want you to see my new car too ".asked Tiara. " Sure, Just us two, right ".questioned Alejandro. " Yeah, Baby. my Mom doesn't get home Til 9 Tonight and Daddy Is away for two days, You It's just me and you afterschool ".said Tiara. " So who's teasing who now, cutie ".said, Alejandro, smiling. " Shut up and kiss me ".said Tiara. Then they Both kissed eachother and he walk her to class.

Shamyla and Leandre arriving at school as the Final Bell Rung. " Look what you did, stupid. I am late on my first day of my Junior year, I can't believe this,this will neverhappen again, Don't ask to ride me anywhere, just walk me to class okay ".said, shamyla, Bitchy. " I'm sorry, Baby, I'll never do It again, here ".said Leandre. " What the hell Is this ".asked Shamyla. Then she opened this gift box which was a Silver Bracelet with her his and her name on It." Oh my, It's beautiful ".said shamyla, as She went from bitchy to Sentemental In a moment. " Why did you do this, leandre, we had a deal, I thought This wasn't suppose to be so serious... ".said Shamyla. " We'll let's make It serious then, look shamyla I really grew on you and let's just forget the deal and get on with It, I really do like you, either way. just keep the bracelet, okay, Let me walk you to class before you really be late ".said leandre. " Hold up ".said Shamyla as she then stop him and gave him a huge kiss and smiled at him.

All Students are now In there HomeRoom First period Class. Yanyle and Jarvis In There Anatomy Honors Class." Hey, hunny, what's up, I've been calling you since Friday, I wanted to take you on a shopping spree, what happen ? ".asked Jarvis. " Oh, sorry. nobody was home, Me and my grandma had to go to the hospital, I just found out she has cancer ".said Yanyle." Oh my, I'm so sorry, yanyle, I had no Idea ".said Jarvis. " Me either ".said Yanyle. " So the doctor's said they'll treat her better right... ".ask Jarvis. " Yeah, but Money Is so tight for her treatment and before you offer, No I don't need you're money, thanks, but I'm fine, I just got ah Job and It's helping her treatment, so everything should be great soon ".said Yanyle. " Okay, you read my mind, but you're sure, no money, I don't mind at all, I care for your grandmother like she was my own ".said Jarvis. " I'm sure, It's okay, thank's for caring, Jay ".thanked, Yanyle. " So where do you work and what time you get off ? ".asked Jarvis. " Oh I work At Dairy Queen and I get off at 8 on the weekends and today I work from afterschool to 6, so time Is fine with me ".said yanyle. " Good, So I'll have the Limo pick you up by 6:05, fine with that ".Demanded, Jarvis. " are you serious, and where are you taking me, .. ? ".asked Yanyle. " Well I'm taking you on that shopping spree, hunny ".said Jarvis with attitude. " Oh my, okay then ".said yanyle, smiling.

Demetrius and Kory In Personal Fitness." What's up, man. you still go out here ? ".asked Kory. " Yeah, Why you ask that ".said Demetrius. " No exact reason, just thought after what happen last year, you wouldv'e went to a new school, that's all ".said Kory." No, man. I love this school, I'm not a coward like that, I stand up to everything I do ".said Demetrius. " I feel ya, D . Well I'm glad you stayed, We need you here, this school probaly wouldn't be the same ".said Kory. " Thanks Man, So how's your life going ? ".asked Demetrius. " Matter of fact, It's going great, I got a Talent agent to hear my work and he said he liked It, So I'm just waiting for some feedback, you know, Life could be getting better for me ".said Kory. " Well do yo thang, then. Wish you good luck on the feedback, you still writing those positive Lyrics, right ".Asked Demetrius. " Yeah, all the way, Making the positive outlook of life, I just hope the world Is ready for It ".said Kory. " Oh trust me, they are, I'm sure they will be ".said Demetrius.

Periods Have Now Passed By And All Students Have Entered There Lunch Period. Shamyla, Toya and Roxanne Surrounded At the lunch table Chatting up." I'm so disappointed, they placed underclassmen In my Journalism Class, How Embarassing, Now I have to produce the School's Newspaper with underclassmen that think their all that, no offense Shamyla, You are the only underclassmen that has class, the rest of them are just sickening ".said Roxanne." I Totally understand, I felt the same way this summer during cheerleading tryouts, Now that I'm the Captain, Things are going to change ".said Shamyla." What Is that, That's nice ".said Toya. " Oh this, Leandre got It for me, I was surprised to, He said he really liked me "said Shamyla. " Are you serious, so you and Leandre are serious now ? ".asked Roxanne. " Hell no ! we have a deal ".said Shamyla. " So why did you accept It, I hope you're not falling for him ".said Toya. " I'm Not, I told him We are not serious, Just until I win Homecoming Junior Princess, This whole thing will be over, It's just for popularity points and soon I'll be the most respected girl In this school ".said Shamyla. " I hope so, Cause you don't need a dumb Jock In your Life, even though he's one of the most popular athletes In this school, He's still worthless In a relationship ".said Toya. " Yeah, It's so Obvious ".said Roxanne. " Okay, I understand, But this thing Is just too good to give back, I'll just cross out his name On this thing after homecoming, But I'm so keeping this ".said Shamyla. " You Little Gold-digger ".said Toya. Then All Three girls started laughing.

Alejandro Meeting up with his Homeboy Raphael At the front of the school Patio. " What's Poppin, My boy Raphy, What's up Bro ? ".Said. Alejandro. " Hey, Ale. Nothing Spectacular, But this school Is cool, Teachers straight, There's some nice girls here ".said Raphael. " Yeah, Well this school Is a really good school, you'll get use to It, be careful though, some of these nice girls are nice Hoe's and tricks, trust me, I would Know, but you're looking to hook up with somebody or what ? ".asked Alejandro." No, bro. Not for me right now, just friendships for now, I just broke up with my Ex Vanessa, So Just taking some Lone time, Not looking for no relationships right now, Just wanna have some fun and chillout, how about you, you still with that girl Tiara ",asked Raphael. " Yeah, We real good, I love that girl ".said Alejandro. " So ya going out, then. I thought she was with that other dude ".asked Raphael. " you mean Trevon, No, Bro. There are so over, She's all mine ".said Alejandro. " Well look at you, , lover. you always did have the charm for the ladies ".said Raphael. " Yeah, now It's for only one lady In my life ".said Alejandro. " Good for you, bro ".said Raphael. " So how's yo bad ass brother Doing ? ".Ask Alejandro. " He still being the Unfair player he Is, you know he goes out here, my Mom took him out of Home schooling, so He In school Now ".said Raphael. " Wow, I had No Idea, I havent seen him yet, I know that boy Is really going to get Into It Up In here, I just hope he doesn't do anything stupid, because this school Is Filled with Players and I'm not talking about the boys either ".said Alejandro. " Well Let's just let him figure It out the hard way ".said Raphael. " Yeah, So maybe we can chill sometime this week, bro, you know ".said Alejandro. " Yeah, I down With that ".said Raphael. " Well I'll catch you later, Bro, I gotta Get my girl, holla at cha lata, bro ".said Alejandro. " Peace ".said Raphael. Then they both went there separate ways during lunch.

Giovony Unexpectedly Tries to put his Player game On one of the Popular girls In school during lunch. " Hey, lil momma, me and you need to hook up asap, cause you are my sentence and I'm your period, so let me end this with a fine hook up.. yo fine behind, baby you got back, sexy back, let me get those digits and I'll holla at cha lata, cutie...".Trying to Pimp, Raphael. " Boy paleese, yo game Is so wack, the only thing I agreed with you Is you are the period and this sentence has ended, so beat It, loser... ".said the Senior, girl. " Come on baby,yo daddy must work at a distant bakery, cause out of all the bakeries I've seen , I ain't never seen Buns like this before... ".said Raphael, Pimpin hard. " Are you serious, you think you ah player, look I'm go do you a favor, my homegirl needs a man In her life, so I'll give you her Number, okay ".said the girl. " I'm fine with that, make that magic happen, cutie ".said raphael. " here, her name Ison the paper , so call her tonight and leave me alone, mr. Player".said the Senior girl as she walked away. " Bet that up,I feel you, but there's enough of meto spread around, cutie, let all yo friends know..okay, baby, holla at cha boy, Gio.G for a true gansta, gansta ".hollered, Giovony As he walked away Pimp walkin while girls laughed.

Thailana Across the table speaking to one of her friends from church. " Did you hear that,so sad, poor little hudlums, look at him walking like the devil himself, that boy need's jesus, did you see how easily that whore accessed her friend's number to him, just stupid and Ignorant Children playing on the Devil's playground, This school need's jesus, I was stunned when I found out that this school didn't have Bible club last year, how disgusting, but they had slutty chearleaders, Dumb jocks, but no Bible club, What would jesus do...how so sad...well I spoke to and she approved the Bible club this year and I'll be Incharge, oh things will change, This school Is just a Demon mess ".said Thailana." I so agree, and It needs to change ".said the girl. " Oh, hunny It will, trust me, I will Improve this school with saints really soon,quote me, Jesus has just been awoken by my prayer, oh yes he has, these Demon Bitches will change...".said Thailana, getting Pissed off. " Thailana you okay... ".said the girl. " Oh, I'm sorry, that's just the devil trying to get Into me, I'll be fine and soon this school will be fine, Indeed It will ".said Thailana smiling.

Monique, Trish and Xavior In the Back School Patio Shelter during Lunch. " Have you two seen Brandon and Antwuan, there were suppose to meet me In the cafeteria for lunch, but I didn't see them ".asked Monique. " Nope ".said Trish. " I saw them earlier In the halls, but havent seen them during lunch ".said Xavier. " Oh my, Is that Alexis Perez, wow, she changed her look again, first she thought she was black, then she went Gothik, now she's Punk rock , wow ".said Trish. " There's nothing wrong with being Punk rock ".said Monique. " I know that, but damn everyday she changes her damn look, It's like okay she was a pornography Model, now get over It..., Now I think about It, That's not so bad being a pornography Model, I wonder how much they pay...hmmm... ".said Trish. " Girl... ".said Monique. " I'm kidding, Mo ".said Trish. " I understand you Trish, next she'll be a Gay ass Emo Kid ".said Xavier. " you are so mean ".said Monique. " Sorry, I just can't stand those Fags, they make me sick to my stomach ".said Xavier. " Well you're going to have to get use to It, cause our New Student council president, BrandI Is a Homo, so yeah, you better have tons of buckets to carry ".said Trish. " That's not even fair, we shouldn't have have a Gay president, what type of shit Is that, Next she'll probaly make gay dances, Pep-rallies, Fuck, she'll make the school a big gay party ".said Xavior. " Maybe during Spirit week, we'll have rainbow on , now that was funny, rainbow day, you get It, her day ".said Trish." Ya just too damn mean. leave that girl and her sexuality alone, let her be ".said Monique. "No I won't, she better revoke her position, shid..., I don't want no gay bitch tellin me what to do, before we know It, she'll change the student council to the Gay Council, yay yay, gay Rules...Hell fuck nah, she got me trippin, I'm go protest this shit ".said Xavior. " Look I got to go and look for Brandon and Antwuan, I'll catch ya later ".said Monique as she left. " You were really mean ".said Trish. " You too, rainbow day ".said Xavier. " But I was playing, you took It serious ".said Trish. " Well sorry, I just don't want a rainbow day ".said Xavier, Sarcastically.

Now The Lunch Period Is Over and All Students Are In there Last Period Of the Day. Monique and Brandon In there English 2 Class. They both hug and greet eachother. " Hey Mo, I havent seen you all day ".said Brandon. " I was looking for you and Antwuan during lunch, I could'nt find you two at all ".said Monique. " Oh, Antwuan went home early, He started feeling sick, so I stayed with him In the clinic during lunch hour ".said brandon." Is he Alright.. ? ".asked Monique. " Yeah he's fine, he just was upset for his condition, I told him he haves to get use to It and deal with It, He was pretty upset, but I think he'll be fine by tommorow ".said Brandon. " yeah, so how you been lately ".asked Monique." Oh Iv'e been great, how about you, like your'e classes so far ".asked Brandon. " yeah, I love my Drama class, Everybody Is up In there. I got Trish, Xavier, Paul, Jacab, loud talkin Tiffany, High Dre, Marcus, Luke...I mean everybody from last year, Now I think about the whole thing, I see why It's a Drama class ".said Monique as they then laughed. " That Is some drama right there, I was going to go with Antwuan to check out that new movie "Holla "afterschool today, so If you wanna go, Since he's not going to need his ticket ".asked Brandon. " You talkin about that horror movie ".asked Monique. " Yeah ".said Brandon. " Sure ".said Monique as they both then smiled at eachother.

Eva Approaches Alexis In thier American History Class. " Hey, Alexis, you okay. you look so lonely all by yourself Bunched In this corner all alone, you need some company or something... ? ".offered, Eva. Then Alexis Got up all In Eva's face Looking down On her." Are you fucking serious, who the fuck do you think you are coming In my space thinking you can make me all better, Bitch, I don't need your sympathy, okay, hunny. why won't you just back the fuck up and let me be alone and maybe I'll forget you ever asked me that question, Ba bye...Ba bye ".said Alexis as she sat back down and tune herself out the learning environment, while listening to her Nano Ipod with Hardcare Rock Music. Then Eva just Back off and left.

BrandI and Tiara Talking In there French class as the school day ends. " I saw you, , when you ranned to Latino heat, he's already hot, you're just steamy him up more ".said BrandI. " girl, please, be quiet ".said Tiara. " So you Love him, nothing change then ? ".asked BrandI. " Nope, I love him so much, he's the one, the only one for me ".said Tiara so happy. " I can see that, that boy got you sprung, you so crazy ".said BrandI. " I know, I'm crazy for him, and he's all mine, he's coming over afterschool too, just me and him, I think I trust him again ".said Tiara. " So what are you saying, girl ? ".asked BrandI. " I'm saying I'ma let him knock the boots ".said Tiara. " Damn, he got It like that, damn you got It bad, girl ".said BrandI. " Well, Like I said, I trust Him and we love eachother and I want Him to freak me so bad, you have no Idea, I'm so damn horny ".said Tiara. " Oooo...La La..,Wow ! Okay...then..., T.m.I...too much Info for my ears ".said BrandI as they both laughed.

The First Day Of School Has Now Ended At 3: 00 And All Students Are headed Out The School. Leandre Goes to pick up shamyla In the front . " Hey, baby ".said Leandre. " Hey, Leandre, I'm ready ".she reponded. Then She saw Toya and Roxaane looking at them suspiously. Then as Leandre tried to Kiss her, She Swayed away and just got Into the car, He then felt Confused.

Trish and Monique Talking as they walk to Trish's Car. " So did you find them ? ".asked Trish. " Who ? ".Asked Monique. " Um..Brandon and Antwuan, duh..., who else would I be talkin about.. ".said Trish. " Oh yeah, Antwuan went home early, but me and Brandon talked In English class ".said Monique. " So did you finally let him know the truth ? ".Asked Trish. " Not yet ".said Monique. " So you will tell him ".said Trish." Yeah, of coarse, He ask me out to go see a movie later tonight ".said Monique. " and you said... ".asked Trish. " Yes, so yeah, at least we can be together ".said Monique. " So he ask you out on a date, then ".said Trish. " I don't think so, It was really Antwuan's ticket, so no, not really a date, just a last minute thing ".said. Monique. " Girl, please that boy want's you, you'll just have to make the first move, Do It tonight In the movie theater, as you Two Are In the Theater, Just reach over and Kiss Him, matter of fact, I dare you, I'll give you $50.00 bucks, my proof will be his answer when I ask Him ".said Trish. " Fine, deal On ".said Monique. " Oh my god, are you serious, I was just teasing you, but If you're up for It, It's a Bet ".said Trish. " The bet Is On ".Agreed Monique.

Hours Have Now Passed, It's Now 7:30 At Night. Alejandro and Tiara Are Now In her Bedroom, Home Alone. " Sorry, I couldn't see your car earlier.. I'll check It tommorow, okay Babe ".said Alejandro. " It's Fine boo, I'm just glad you're here with me now, I missed you so much, get over here and kiss me like crazy ".said Tiara. " You sure ".asked Alejandro. " Boy, I just took french class today, hell yeah I'm ready for whatever you got ".said Tiara. Then He Took her and threw her on her bed and they both started Kissing Like crazy...Then she started removing her clothing, which he got the Idea and he started removing his clothing and...

On the Other hand, Brandon and Monique are Now Entering the Movie Theater. They then Sit side to side and Monique Views a couple Kissing In Back of them and gets an Idea, then as the Theater Lights shut down and the movie starts, Monique then reaches over and...

Back To Tiara's Room. Then as Tiara and Alejandro are about to Go to the Next step, Her door bell rings, She quickly Put's back on her clothing and goes to answer the door, thinking It's BrandI or somebody...Then she answers the door and Is shocked to see that her visitor Is Trevon. " Hey, baby.. What dey do, happy to see me, you go let Me In or what ".said, Excitedly, Trevon. As Tiara Felt Completely Shocked.