The Riverside I Left Behind

On golden day, December

Of one long year ago,

I came to stay the holiday

Into your riverside home.

I came to share my stories

Of ages beneath the sun.

I'd like to ask forgiveness

For what the time has done.

We watched the sun each morning dew,

And cast a fire each night.

I wanted more than what flames bore.

I wanted more than sight.

So every night I pondered

Asking more of you,

But as night neared, words disappeared.

On spectral wings they flew.

It's golden day, December.

One long year as well.

I never spoke of winter's choke.

I never said farewell.

I wonder if you remember

The tales by firelight.

So I've returned to mend what's burned.

I've come to set this right.

Cut me with your hatred.

Cut me with those eyes.

The beauty there would only spare

My humble alibis.

There's no excuse for leaving then.

I will not venture to.

I've come to say on golden day

Simply, I love you.