This doesn't fit the mood of the original story, and so I attached it seperately.

"Move over! I can't see!"

"There's nothing to see yet anyway."

"Then move over stupid!"

"Would you two shut up? You're so annoying!"

"Well, when are we going to see something?!"

Hestia sighed patiently. "You won't be able to see anything," she explained for the third time, "the connection will only allow me to see what they are doing, and I can report it back to you. Everyone sit in a circle so that no one is pushing or smiting please."

Obediently but grudgingly the other gods sat down. Hestia closed her eyes and began stoking up the fire. Soon the pleasant little villa became an oven and if the gods could sweat, they would have been drenched. Still Hestia added wood and fanned the flames. Finally she sat still, eyelids twitching as if she were in a dream. A strange half-smile crossed her face, as if she were watching something nostalgic.

"My how things have changed."

All at once the immortals inhaled nervously. How much had changed? For the Olympians, change was something for the mortals; it didn't concern them. To hear the word was a harsh reminder that their beloved apprentices were once again human and in their own time on Earth. For a moment everyone was silent. Then Hera spoke up, her voice quivering slightly.

"What has happened?"

Hestia twitched slightly, trying to pinpoint everyone on Earth. "For one thing, they've gotten older," she began unsteadily, "I believe a year or so has gone by since they visited us. Almost all of them are at an age where they are considered 'adults'."

Everyone glanced around, slightly relieved. They could deal with change like that. But Hestia was far from done.

"Is that it?" Zeus chimed in, "Is everyone where we left them?"

The Olympians waited with anticipation for Hestia's sobering answer.

"No they are not. Many have moved away, or moved on. It is a time of radical and frightening changes. I know they are all scattered in places called colleges. It is very much like our schools of higher learning, though these colleges are scattered as far as the eye can see. Most are clumping around each other, though one is going on her own to a college without the others."

"Who is that?"

"Lindsay, the goddess of hermits."

Demeter cracked a grin at the irony of that.

"Who is where?" breathed Athena. Hestia turned sad eyes to the wisdom goddess.

"Your students seem to be the hardest to find. Sonomi is across the world, living back in her home country of Japan. Many still think of her, but few take the time to write anymore. Aubrey has all but disappeared from the lives of many. I am sorry."

Athena nodded and bit her quivering lip. Zeus laid a comforting hand on her shoulder as other immortals stepped forward to hear news of their goddesses. Artemis and Hera were surprised that Megan had a boyfriend for a while, but proud of her for taking the chance while Hermes hoped Katie would feel better about this college thing. "She's a good person, no matter what she thinks." he murmured. Meanwhile, he and Dionysus were saddened to hear of Liz's panic attacks and hoped she would realize that she was a so much better of a person than she gave herself credit for. Ares was slightly stricken that Colleen had stopped being quite so "mneih" and eepish, but Dionysus was delighted when he heard about her smiling. Aphrodite was surprised at Lauren's slight seclusion but smiled when she saw how happy the girl had become. Everyone cheered for Marjorie, murmured at Becca's summer escapades, awwwed when they heard of Sarah's relationship and off course laughed at Jason's seemingly placid views. But when Apollo asked about his apprentice, Hestia gave a frown.

"I can't find her"

Apollo's eyed widened. "You mean she's…"

But Hestia shook her head. "Nicole is still alive, but her power don't seem to be working. The goddess of happiness is gone."

Apollo's shoulders sagged visibly, but he stood stoically as Hestia continued her report.

"There has been much pain and anger between many. I know a few are not really speaking to each other, and even they are not sure why. Others are hurt because their efforts were in vain and they couldn't help as much as they wanted. Still others are ignorant of the pain they caused. There was heartbreak, realizations and a prize that has long been forgotten about. It seems our little apprentices have grown up quite a bit. Many have found a relationship since they have left here-Colleen, Nicole, Liz and Sarah. A few feel that they are in love."

Here Aphrodite let out a smug cough. Dionysus, Apollo, Hephaestus and Morpheus nodded, all happy for their former-girlfriends, though Ares looked obviously pleased that his was still single. Hestia gave a small chuckle.

"Yes it's true. If you saw them today you may not recognize some of them. I can't even fathom some of these transformations. Some are good, some are bad, but they are very interesting. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for all of these mortals. And to be honest, I cannot be sure if they will all speak together again as they once did."

The Olympians were silent, thinking wistfully of the past and sadly about the future. Then Artemis spoke up, her full voice faint with sadness.

"So it's all over? Nothing's the same anymore."

Hestia smiled and once again shook her head. "That is not true. There are so many things that haven't changed. They've all managed to get through one trying time or another. Many are still friends. But friendship changes. Sometimes it get stronger, sometimes it gets weaker. But it always leaves a lasting imprint on one's being. Friendship can be toxic or it can be medicinal. But it has an impact in any form. Either way it was once there between all of our lovely immortals and that is something they cannot forget, no matter how far away they travel, physically and mentally."

With that Hestia gave a quick flick of the wrist. The fire died down to a small pile of embers. As the immortals shuffled out, Ares exchanged a sad glance at Dionysus; neither of them looked convinced.

"So there are no happy endings, are there?"

Hestia hesitated, and then gave the gods a pat on the cheek. "There may be or may not be happy endings for all of them. But this is not the ending, and so I cannot say. Only the Fates can truly see what lies ahead. What I do know is that they are all truly starting their lives, for better or for worse. Hopefully we have taught them something. Even if fate flings them across the seven seas and there are no reunions, they can always look back on their weeks with us as a time without minutes, where they all were goddesses and they were all friends."

With that the immortals went back to their daily duties as the smoldering remains of the fire died down to thirteen glowing embers, and finally went out.