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I Love You & All Your Flaws.

Chapter 1

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Jogging up the stairs adjusted his briefcase on his shoulder. The hallway was quiet, aside from the noise from the New York traffic out in front of the apartment building. Reaching the top of the stairs, Ryan made quick left down the short hallway. Reaching deep into the pocket of his slacks, he pulled out his keys as he approached the apartment door.

Opening the door quietly she stepped in the dark living room. Closing the door behind him, he set his briefcase on the counter that separated the living room from the kitchen. Slipping out from his dress shoes, he loosened his tie.

Shuffling his feet towards the bedroom, he let out a tired yawn. When inside, he smiled at the sight of Lexi, sleeping peacefully on her side. Tossing his jacket on the love seat in the corner of the room, he quickly unbuttoned his long sleeved shirt. Throwing that over top of his jacket, he unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his slacks until they hit the floor.

Peeling back the heavy comforter, he slipped in between the sheets savoring the comfort after a tedious day. Scooting closer behind Lexi, he rested his head on her pillow. Feeling the warmth of her small body against his chest, he felt his eyes grow heavy. Grazing his lips across her shoulder, her skin was smooth, as it was sweet.

"Ummm…" She stirred slightly beneath the covers. Running his hand down her shoulder, he watched her opened her eyes. "What time is it?" Her voice cracked, as she gradually rolled over onto her back. Leaning on his elbow, he smiled down at her tired face.

"A little after three…" He answered, kissing down her shoulder as she held her warm hand to his cheek, her fingers finding their way through his light brown hair.

"Three? Then what are you doing here, I thought you had to work?" She watched him, resting her arm above her head onto the pillow.

"I thought I'd come home." He looked at her, her eyes barely open.

"So how was it?" She brushed his hair from his face.

"How was what?"

"Work." She yawned.

"Too damn long…" He began kissing along her neck.

"So what did you guys do?" She closed her eyes, taking comfort in his gentle touch.

"Nothin really…" He answered in between kisses. "We're working on a new narcotics case now."


Crawling on top of her, he was careful of her small frame underneath.

Running her hands up his chest, she avoided his eyes. "So this means I'm not going to see you for a week or so, doesn't it?" She asked obviously disappointed.

"Or two…" He added regrettably, watching her frown. "But just think, after two weeks I get a few days off."

"Yeah, can't forget about those two days." She mumbled, her hands falling from his chest.

"Lex, c'mon don't make me feel any worse than I already do about this."

"I'm sorry, I just can't pretend that I enjoy not seeing you for days and weeks at a time." She played with her fingers. "It's bad enough when you come home at three o'clock in the morning."

Kissing her forehead, he rolled over to his side of the bed.

"And you think I do?" He asked, staring up at the ceiling.

"Sometimes I wonder…"

Looking over to her, he was taken aback by her comment. "You seriously think that?"

"I don't know…just forget I said anything." She rolled over on her side, her back too him.

"No, I wanna know if you seriously think that I like staying away from you." He rested on his elbow, "Because I don't, not even in the slightest."

Tucking her hand beneath her cheek, she stared forward.

Touching her shoulder, he rolled her gently on her back her eyes elsewhere. "You don't think that do you?"

Looking up at him finally, she shrugged slightly. Wrapping his arm around her, he looked directly into her green eyes, which were now staring back at him.

"I love you Lexi, you know that…" He told her softly, "But someone has to get the bad guys."

"I know…" Lexi nodded, "But I'd rather live with all the bad guys in the world, than not have you in my life. As selfish as that may sound."

Leaning down he kissed her softly as she held her hand to his face. As they slowly parted, she could feel his breath on her lips, as she grazed them with her own.

"I'll make it up to you…" He uttered in between the kiss. "I promise…"

"Make it up too me now…" She breathed, as their kiss deepened. Crawling back on top of her, he held himself up with his arms. Grazing his lips along her neck he breathed in her sweet fragrance as he slipped the strap of her lace bra down her shoulder.

Licking her lips, she closed her eyes feeling the moisture from his lips on her skin. Lifting her up slightly, he slid his hand up the smoothness of her back until he felt her bra.

Feeling her bra come loose, her lips parted as he pulled it down her arms revealing her luscious breasts. Guiding his face to her own, he breathed heavily feeling the warmth of her skin against him. Sliding down her slightly, he ran his fingers along her breasts her body reacted to his gentle touch. Taking his time around her nipples, she let out a quiet moan. Fondling one of her breasts delicately, he brought his lips to her nipple and twirled his tongue around it slowly.

Glancing up at her, he watched her moan louder this time making him continue.

As her hands ran through his hair, she sucked in her bottom lip, as her body grew warm with his. Leaving butterfly kisses down her amazing figure, her body arched as he made his way past her navel. Glancing up at her, her eyes were closed as she clutched the headboard behind her.

Slipping his finger between her black lace boy shorts, he peeled them back slightly. Taking his time, he slid his hand up her figure until his hand met with her breast once again. Listening to her moan again, he felt himself losing patience finding the urge to touch her, be inside her.

Taking a hold of his hand, she made him take a more forceful grasp on her breast. As they massaged her breast together, her hand controlling his, his pace quickened. Dragging his tongue until it met with her hip, he tugged on her panties pulling them slowly down her silky legs.

Staring down at her nude body, he felt his heartbeat faster and his adrenaline rush through his veins. Skimming his hand along the inside of her thigh, he felt himself breathing faster along with her. When his fingers finally touched the warmth and moisture she clutched the sheets letting go of his hand that was holding her breast.

"Ohhh…" She shrieked, feeling his finger rub against her. "Ummm…"

Running his hand down her body, he took a hold of both her hips.

"Don't stop…" She gasped, her head pushed back into the pillow.

Lifting her slightly, he kissed the inside of her thigh licking her smooth skin only briefly. Reaching out for his hand, she clutched it and pushed it between her legs hoping he'd continue. When she finally let loose of his hand, he ran his hand over the warmth watching her mouth fall open. Quickly removing his hand, she screamed rubbing her breasts completely aroused, although a bit frustrated with his idleness.

"Don't stop touching me…"

Climbing back on top of her, he gazed down at her the expressions on her face completely enticing. Running her hands up his sweaty chest, she grabbed a hold of his chain that dangled from his neck. Yanking it hard, she guided his lips to hers, where they met in a passionate kiss. Cupping his cheek, their tongues met now both completely eager.

"I want you baby…" He breathed in between the much-heated kiss. "I want you so bad…"

Meeting with his dark eyes, she dragged her fingers down his sweaty back until she reached his boxers. Slipping her hands in between the elastic waistband, she tugged down on them as far as her arms would let her.

Letting his arms fall out from beneath him, he laid on her body although careful not to crush her underneath. As they lay on the now tangled sheets, completely nude he found himself in between her breast again, although this time his actions were faster. Tasting her nipple again, she held his head as he went for the other. Looking back up at her, his breathing calmed as her body still moved underneath him.

Taking a hold of her hand, he pinned it behind her head intertwining his fingers with hers. Closing her eyes, she felt him slide inside slowly inside of her.

"Ohh…" He gasped, closing his eyes savoring her warmth.

"Ummm…" She arched her back again, as he slowly began a rhythm.

Keeping a firm hold on her hand, he squeezed it as their rhythm quickened. Opening his eyes, he watched her facial expressions change as he pulled in and out of her.

"Never stop touching me…" She screamed, which made him push farther inside of her.


As the warm grew between her legs, Lexi could barely contain her screams as he continued to thrust inside of her. Digging her fingers into his back, she lifted herself from the bed.

"Ohh…yea…" He panted, kissing her down her neck between her breasts. Feeling her body begin to tighten, he looked up at her as she was about to climax.

"Oh -." She gasped, clutching his hand. "Don't stop baby, don't stop." She pleaded, squeezing his hand.

Feeling her body tighten, he kept up with the pace feeling himself on the verge as well. Watching her, her mouth fell open but no sound came through as she dug her nails into his arm. Raising her back from the bed, she bit her lip as the unimaginable pleasure overcame her body.

Feeling incredible warmth, the release of her juices only made him move faster and more effectively upon her hips.

Running her hands down his chest, she bit her lip as she watched him move in and out of her, turning her on all over again. Closing his eyes, he held his breath as his body stiffened and he exploded inside of her. Feeling the pulsation between her thighs, she moaned once again as he slumped down on top of her.

Running her fingers through his dark hair, she closed her eyes, feeling his heartbeat against her own. As he lay there, still inside her his lips were inches from hers, the sweat covering both of their bodies.

Gliding her hand along the side of his face, she eyed his lips until they grazed against hers. Looking into her eyes and occasionally down at her lips, he watched them part as he gradually pushed inside of her once more.

"I love you…" He breathed, resting his forehead on hers. Licking her lips, she kissed him softly and nibbled on his bottom lip.

"And I love you…" she gazed into his eyes, her body completely relaxed.



As the alarm clock blared beside the bed, Lexi opened her eyes to find herself lying in Ryan's arms. Waiting as her eyes adjusted to the dim light that shined through the curtains, she raised her head from Ryan's warm chest. Straddling him, she reached as far as her arm would let her and hit the alarm clock hard with her palm.

Still straddling Ryan's body, she smiled tiredly at his sleepy face. Leaving soft kisses along his face, he fidgeted underneath the covers.

"Baby…." She whispered, caressing his cheek with her hand.


"It's time to get up…" She kissed him lightly on the lips.

"What time is it?" He scratched his head.

Glancing at the clock on the end table, Lexi frowned. "Five."

Taking a deep breath,he opened his eyes and quickly met with hers.

Sliding down him, she kissed his chest. "Why don't you just call in…."

Running his hand up her back, his eyes burned from lack of sleep. "I wish I could…" He groaned, rubbing his face with his free hand. "Believe me…"

"Well I thought…maybe…." She whispered, continuing to kiss him down his chest. Opening his eyes, he smiled at her.

"I'm barely mobile and you want morning sex?" He grinned tiredly from ear to ear. Sliding her body up his, he breathed in slightly feeling her body rub against his.

"Fine, fine…" Lexi pouted. Taking her into his arms suddenly, he rolled her over and straddled her petite body with his own.

"You know I would stay home if I could." He told her, as she stretched her arms above her head. "And I will in a couple of weeks."

"So when will I see you again?" She bit her lip, obviously wanting him to touch her. Glancing down at her lips, then down at her breasts he felt his mouth water. There was nothing he desired more than to take comfort in her, touch her and feel every inch of her body.

Dragging his fingertips along her breast, she gasped as he cupped it with his hand. Watching him move his head towards them, she closed her eyes as he caressed her nipple with his tongue. Looking up at her as she grasped the headboard, he slid his hand down her smooth stomach beneath the sheets.

His eyes still locked on hers he watched her moan as his fingers slowly slipped inside her. His mouth still around her nipple, he pulled his fingers out of her making her only desire it more. Suddenly, he felt her hand on top of his, pushing his fingers deeper inside.


Suddenly the phone rang.

"Baby, I have to answer it…" He slid his hand on the inside of her thigh, before rolling over on his back for the telephone.

"Hello?" Ryan held the phone to his ear, feeling Lexi slid her arms around his neck.

"Mr. Davis, this is Duncan from the Narcotics Unit. We met yesterday."

"Uh…yes, I remember you sir." He couldn't resist a smile, as Lexi nibbled on his ear. "What can I do for you?"

"I have a few things you can do for me…" Lexi whispered into Ryan's ear, sending chills down his spine as she continued to kiss him along his shoulder.

"I was wondering if you wouldn't mind coming in earlier. I would like to introduce you too the team, that is if you are available."

"Oh certainly, what time would you like me to come in?" Ryan asked, as Lexi sighed and moved out from behind him.

"Well, within the hour if that's not a rush for you."

"Uh…that's…." Ryan paused, watching Lexi wander off into the adjoining bathroom.

"Mr. Davis?"

"Sorry sir, that would be just fine."

"Okay, we'll see you then."

"All right, I'll be there." Ryan told him before stretching and hanging up the telephone. Tossing the sheet off his legs, he snatched a small blanket from the love seat and wrapped it around himself.

Dragging his feet into the bathroom, the steam rolled from the shower as the water clattered hard on the bottom. Approaching the sink, he rested his hand on the counter as she shut of the water.

Watching her step out from the shower onto a towel, she wrapped the white towel around herself as goosebumps covered her body. Walking across the cold tile, she stepped in front of him her eyes on her reflection.

"Your mad at me aren't you?"

"No…" She glanced up at him quickly, "Why would I be?"

"Because I have to leave."

"What's the difference, you were leaving anyway." She shrugged, "I mean now or later…doesn't really matter." She ringed out her hair in the sink.

"I'll be back tonight…" He assured her.

"Don't count on me waiting up."

Shaking his head, he ran his hand through his dark brown hair. "You can't be mad at me forever Lex…" He mumbled. Letting the blanket fall from his waist, he stepped into the shower.