The birth of a new life

Shall bring everything in order

Sins of the sinful

Will be stopped at their boarder.

The boarder between life and death

Shall begin to fall

As it has in the past

Even before the Berlin Wall

This new life filled with blood

Shall be washed off of the hands of time

And I am the only one to know

What will be good and right.

But what am I to do?

If I am exiled from my birthplace

The thoughts of my mind

Will never be able to save the human race.

This new birth shall destroy everything

And everyone will burn

Yes they will burn in hell

Burn in hell for their crimes against what they have learned.

The newborn shall dance

Dance in the blood of the sinners

Singing its joyful songs

Making our life full of winners.

Winners of their death

Except for the one

Which I could have become

If they knew what would come...

But now they realize,

As darkness fills the skies,

They should have known

They should have never lied.

Lied to themselves that I was wrong.

Lied to themselves that my thoughts were evil.

The lies will fill up the sky with black,

And they will burn in hell for their crimes against the earth.

But not just the earth,

But to themselves about being free,

Lying to look their best for instant notification,

Instead of trusting in me.