I look at this page and I hate what I've done/

I hate what I've become/

I feel so vulnerable/ Telling everybody that my world is crashing down/

I'm not falling, just spinning/ I hate that/ Not being in control/

There's so much waiting to spill out/ And nobody will listen/

NOBODY WILL LISTEN/ And it's all I want…/

I'm screaming and weeping and begging and everybody just turns away/

Someday I will wake up and be crazy/ I will have stepped over the edge/

I will not know what's in my own head/ The gun, the pills, the death is all so calling/

And I hate to admit that I want to die/ That every day is painful and beautiful/

The children I see make me sad/ So full of hope and promise/

And perhaps it's just my sick will/ To hope that they will fail/ Just like me/

My pain feels alone in this world/ The words before me tell me that I'm not the only one/

And we're all liars/ I'm insane and depraved/

But I know all we all what is for somebody to listen.