I wake up. Where am I? I look down. I realize I no longer have a body, and am just a floating shadow of my old self. I look around. I am at a funeral.
Then it hits me. I really went through with it. I'm gone, erased from existence. I turn to look at my body.
I guess I never really looked as bad as I thought I did. Oh my god, here he comes.
Even in death, I can't escape my thoughts of him, he is so beautiful.
I look around. I see all of my friends from school, some crying, and some talking to each other. I close my eyes, and I am now above my body. Joe is standing in front of me.
A single tear is rolling down his cheek.
" Angelina, I never realized how strong my feelings were for you. If only you could come back ... I would change everything I've done," he whispers to my body.
I realize this is exactly what I wanted to hear. I start to cry, but no tears form. I look at Joe, and realize he is holding my hand.
He is not afraid to touch me. If only he would have touched my hand when I was alive. I start to realize I am glad this happened. Now he knows how I felt.
I close my eyes yet again. But when I open them, everyone is gone, and flames surround me.

"ANGELINA!" my teacher yells. I drift back into consciousness, still thinking about my fantasy. Maybe tomorrow ...