Yet again, I woke up to late, took my pills, headed out the door to yet again be the gurl you love to hate. I'm always falling down hill so dear ones don't stay. Just go ahead and forget it all. I know its so short notice and such a rude call. Take the cds and memories, walk away with a wisper of sorry take my heart this is my last regret. I was so confused, lost in a world of don'ts and do's. I want to be able to say I held on strong but we all know I was weak all along, so powerless to my own emotions. Screaming "SCREW THE WORLD I'M NOT YOUR GIRL! I'LL BE WHO I AM AND WHO I WANT TO BE FORGET WHO YOU THINK YOU SEE!" This is what I've searched for so long, a place I know I'm love, where I belong. I want to feel like i can be me through it all. Through the ups and over the downs, being mad and having a frown. I'm not always happy, its' impossible but I'm tired of the rumors of how I cut my wrists at night. How lifes so hard that I can't fight. I'm a fighter! I'll be strong! I'll show all you bitches and hoes that I was who I am all along! Are you lost yet?! NO more regrets! Think its funny how you riduculed my friends?! Say goodnight its the end! Words a jumble can your conceive? You're lost without sympathy! In the end I'll bottle it up, yet for right now its all coming undone. I'm letting my emotions flow. I"ll fall just to get up again. I'll die just to watch you burn in your sin! I'll laugh to just watch you cry. Think i'm harsh? Guess what! All you bitches, jerks and hoes, your the reason my friend commited suicide! So I think its time for you to just go!