Ode to the Toad

Ugly and Grim and Slimy

Depressing and sad it sat

Like a lump on a log

Like a wart on a hog

Outcast from society's hat.

Eyes bulged out in fatness

It seemed about to explode

Slick and wet and squishy,

And smelling distinctly fishy

Oh what a horrendous toad.

Obese and unseemly and utterly gross

Will nobody squash this blob?

It sits in a muddle, making a puddle

With a wart, a lump, and a knob.

If nobody kills it then what will we do

With this dreadful repulsive lump?

It's presence offending,

Gray-green colours blending

A revolting and terrible grump.

Then along came a swatter

Grotesquely descending,

From heaven to earth in a flash.

Splat went that toad

Thus ending this ode –

But forever destroying the toad

The toad.

Forever destroying the toad.