Female vocals - regular text
Male (dark) vocals -bold text
Choir -italicized text

Silent Murder

Peaceful wind passing through the window pane
Light now dimmed from the hollow trees
Menacing laughter beneath the balcony
He's watching me... watching me...
Watching me fall to sleep
Watching me... through the darkness
He's out there... waiting for me

Graceful beauty before the crying stars
Forgive me, but I've made my decision
Tonight I'm going to destroy her
Make her bleed... make her bleed...
Make her bleed oh, so deep
Make her bleed... through the darkness
She's in there... waiting for me


Calling me out into the dark
I can hear his soft, trembling whispering
"Come out to play with me.
I will not harm you; never will I harm you."

Shaking at the sight of her movement
I can hear her gentle, frightened singing
"Promise that you'll be kind to me.
I won't run away from you; never will I run."

The way he smiles, his teeth bearing at me
I wince inside my flesh at the sight
Not noticing the sharp knife behind his back
Not noticing the evil glare in his eyes
Only wishing for him to rescue me
Never to be hurtful towards me...

The way she giggles, tiny little laughs
I shiver inside my flesh at the tone
Not noticing the innocence she holds within
Not noticing her wandering eyes
Only wishing for her to be mine
Never to run away from me...


The moon rises above the mountains
Letting out a breath of sorrow
Why did she have to be so beautiful?
Why did she have to belong to someone else?
So now... I've made her mine!

The sharp pain within my chest
Letting the crimson flow out my broken skin
Why did he have to be so evil?
Why did he have to make me his own?
So now... I belong to him...

She falls to the ground, bleeding, weeping
She is his now, and no one can stop him
He locks her away in a dark castle
He will love her, even in death
Alone forevermore, she has become
Since the night of her silent murder