This is written for the Rambles and Snippets challenge for August/September on FictionNET. (I'm not a member, but another member of fictonpress was doing this, and it seemed like a lot of fun, soo… Sadly though, I just found this like, yesterday, (Sept 06) so I'm no sure if I'll make it by 17th of Sept, but since this isn't really for that anyway, more like just a fun writing exercise, doesn't matter! But, I did get like 12 down in one night, so… it could happen! :P)

Under these guidelines: We have given you 50 words, statements, whichever. To each, you shall write a ramble, being over 100 words, and under 500 words.

You may write in any fandom you wish, or not even a fandom. But you must write every entry in fandom or non fandom, sticking to you choice. Please use only one word in each entry, and post each entry in it's own chapter, so in the end you should have 51 chapters wherever you may post this. How fun.

This challenge will start on the 1st of June, and end on the 17th of September.

The words are as follows:

1. Hand

2. Velvet

3. Gorge

4. Cookies

5. You gave us someplace to go

6. Diamonds

7. Sorrow

8. Marble

9. Balloon

10. Blood

11. Nightshade

12. Flight

13. Candles

14. Feathers

15. Hero

16. Fashion

17. The time of our lives

18. Indecision

19. Cordial

20. Elephant

21. Forever

22. Tarnished

23. Snake

24. Void

25. Watercolour

26. Exercise

27. Illusion

28. Custard

29. Wax crayons

30. Headboard

31. Masquerade

32. Scribbles

33. You sang for me once

34. Overflow

35. Cinnamon

36. Cooking

37. Don't laugh

38. Awkward Silence

39. Failing

40. Disease

41. Scatter the past

42. Curly

43. Sanctuary

44. Easy

45. Eyes Open

46. Erase/Rewind

47. Six

48. Rescue

49. I Spy

50. Tease