It was around 4am when Jackson went off to bed and Hunter and I sat comfortably on one of the couches in the den, the TV on one of the late-night talk shows, ignored as we laughed at something or another. We fell into a nice, cozy silence, our backs resting together as we sat sideways. After a long while, he spoke up.

"How are you really doing?"

"I told you, good."

"Good, considering, or good good?"

I sighed and turned to lean my head on his shoulder. "What are you really trying to ask?"

"Say someone wanted to tell you something, but was worried about causing you stress after all that had happened… Would you want them to tell you or not?" he asked in response.

"I take it that's not the final question?" I was greeted with a silence, and I could tell he was rolling his eyes. I paused then, and carefully considered my response.

"No matter what you have to tell me, I will be able to handle it. I think," I said slowly. I suddenly smirked and pinched his cheek, "Well, as long as you aren't like a cyborg alien who comes from the future to destroy mankind. Cause that would kinda freak anybody out."

He chuckled lightly, and turned around, saying, "I don't think it'll be that bad, don't worry…"

I hadn't realized how close we were 'til he turned around, and our noses bumped into each others'.

"Mirial, I just wanted to tell you that…"

He brushed my bangs, which were forever falling into my face, off my eyes. And I was drawn, yet again, to his beautiful hands.

"I think I'm in love with you."

Somehow I found my voice, albeit a whispered voice, and asked, "For how long…?"

"Since forever, since as long as I can remember."

And his hands cupped my cheeks, and he slowly, hesitantly brought my face to his, and kissed me.