Heart As Arrow Flies Forever More

Through the fog of time and misplaced memory

We find each other again, so as to start anew

My heart let loose like an arrow from a bow

My finger twitched, string released, too late

Nothing could impede its pre-ordained progress

The wind tried to push it back but it was too sleek

Then trees tried to stop it but it was too supple

Others jumped in the way but it was too smart

Time and distance were futile enemies soon dispatched

But now a door stood closed between us, no worries

For it took turns knocking & patiently awaiting the call

When the threshold was breached, confusion laughed.

Heart arrow thrust, but was it slung or was it pulled?

Neither, both, it no longer mattered as we both float

Trust established taking the form of a red balloon

No, let it be don't pin your ego on it to test it's strength


I fight to hold the oval filled with cAIR together

As you throw your pin into my hand, blame shifts

Like a soul upon waking when the dream dies

Regretting being pushed back into the Shadow World.

Do over do over I cry out to deaf ears

Questions and demands to Above ignored

No fair no fair I drive myself to stomp

The brakes are gone 'cause the break is here within.

Time's been changed, reality has been redrawn

Re-visioned into your image painted hastily

Now we are in what was never meant to be

Rewind time, repair this tear brought on by illusion

Perhaps the fault should rest here at my feet?

Impatient for our reunion, can you blame me?

I came too soon, you left too fast, does it matter?

Matter matters not for only feelings last forever

Part of me patiently retains the misplaced memory

Of you and me, saved tragically for another Time.

Perhaps we will swim up so we can stop stale breaths

Praying for a miracle of co-enlightenment deferred