The Fisher

I've cast my heart out to sea.
Look at the ripples it has made!
See all the fish swim around it?
Don't worry, they wont take it,
It was not meant for them to have.

Each day I wait for the tug on the string.
So far my heart has gone unnoticed
By the beauty of the sea.

Lo and behold! Such a tug that I feel!
Jerking my arm, almost takeing the pole from me!
I reel and I pull
So desprete to see this beauty
A beauty that has chosen me!

Words do not do justice,
To this Angel with my heart.
They have yet to contemplate the word
That would set this Angel apart.

To choose me,
Out of all the fishers of the sea.
How my heart out shined them all..
I will never know,
But this is one catch
That will come back with me.

A/N: I had writen this origanly just looking a picture. I had then given a copy to Chris for his birthday. I ment it. We may not be together any more, but I ment it none the less.