The other night we snuck a bottle

Of cheap whiskey from the cupboard

And giggling crept out under September's watch.

I told you of the world and traced the stars

With numb fingers across the sky until you didn't know

Where I ended and the heavens began.

The clouds covered all that could've been.

You whispered in drunken tones that

We didn't need to see something for it to be real

For each time we moved the universe moved with us.

You always knew that life revolved around you.

And though I could taste the whiskey on your breath

And see the mischief in your smile

I still gave my dreams to you.

You took each one and with a soft touch examined them

Under the nonexistent moon light before hiding them

Carefully out of sight.

"I'll keep them safe" is all you said before you left

Kissing me on the forehead and wandering off into the darkness

That had huddled in close around us.

I sat there shivering until your footsteps had long since

Blended into silence and looking at the sky I noticed

The clouds had fallen away as you walked.

Lying back I clung to the empty bottle and shut my eyes

Whilst the ground shifted slightly,

And the Universe fell to your desires.