And so the cold truth seeps over you

A damp blanket in the freezing climate

A frigid comfort that clings with a rigid grip

No one here has been sent to help you

Around you are puddles of lies and jungles of

Impending defeat and deceit that you can scarcely

Consider standing up to face.

The masks are lined up in front of you

Standing as still as an frozen sculpture

An ice swan poised with perfection

Waiting…waiting for you to move.

You continue to stare at them,

Longing to stroke them, see if they

Are in fact, feasible. To see if they

Are, in fact, multifaceted.

To see what lurks beneath

Yet you are trapped, longing to

Push forward, to reveal the truth

The quintessential essence of your world

Select few have made it this far

Only a sprinkling of others have dared

To break past the visage of conformity

To dare to elbow through the satin

And the velvet.

To question.

So sparse are the numbers

Of those that have realized just how dishonest

This town is. How the realms of perfection compete

And collide, collapsing over one another

Until another can rise from the ashes

A new, pristine society based on fresh, innovative lies.

You have finally taken your trembling,

Tingling fingers (the same that you could scarcely control)

And you have pressed past the invisible forces that bound you,

Trying to contain your movements, to make each one correct

You raised your arm, and pulled away the mask,

And found the one who was supposed to care most

Lurking behind, scared and alone, having betrayed you

Yet again.

And they look at you…and look at you…

And wonder who you are.

This is a new life that has commenced.

And yet…you are pulled back through

The murky waters of the previous one

The feeling is inexplicable, unfathomable

The swirling emotions that consume your mind

The questions that flank every facet of humanity

Bubble and rise, leaping again and again,

A hellfire desperate to lick pure flesh

She leans forward to you and whispers the final test

"It is your entire fault…This whole world, the chaos

That reins, the very same that you loathe,

Is all your creation. And it has always been your decision

To allow it to run unbridled. It has all been your doing."

Your eyes widen in fear, in utter despair and disbelief

And the pain settles in, a cloak engulfing your heart

And your soul.

The wall that blocks off those overwhelming emotions

Has finally begun to crumble and cannot rebuild

Because for the first time,

You cannot see the truth.

You're walking blindly through the same field of lies

As everyone around you.

For when one truth topples, so do the rest.

All that replays is the sweet, liquid whisper…

It is your entire fault